1. Stephen
    July 3, 2018 @ 7:59 am

    OMG! A sorry tale I can relate to.

    But the road is littered with hundreds of similar tales and same old scammers boiler plate!

    Law enforcement and regulators have the power but it seems not the will and it is not clear why.

    The last sentence “It remains to be seen whether any money will ever be traced and recovered from this scam.” is unjust. As pointed out in the article: “The Moats remain living in luxury in their palatial villa in Javea on the Costa Blanca – driving around in their flash cars.”

    One shouldn’t have to “trace” anything, the assets of the Moats’ should be liquidated and used to pay restitution to the victims and any remainder given to charity while at the same time allowing the Moats’ to enjoy the accommodation at Her Majesty’s pleasure! This is the least they deserve! personally I might also surgically remove certain appendages.


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