January 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am

    Feeling sick from the pit of my stomach after reading this. How dare they carry on doing this to decent hard working people, who the hell allows them to do this, they claim to have won many awards, who gives these and for what reasons. It,s all a closed club, they are daylight robbers without masks.
    I am just one of far too many clients that have been scammed then ripped off for hugely out of proportion fees, screwed if you exit etc. Beware, we have all worked hard for many many years with a plan of retirement and that has all changed with the click of a pen and these Oxygen Bandits are laughing in our faces. I would have rather given all my pension to a homeless person or hospice, at least I could have slept at night knowing it had done some good rather than lining the pockets of these s******s. I could go on but am too angry inside and stressed to write any more. BEWARE – AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
    Thankyou C-W-M AND O-M-I for screwing us all, may God give you early graves and turn you away at the Pearly gates.



  2. John Rogers
    January 8, 2018 @ 7:39 pm

    It is a disgrace that the so called “financial industry” and the so called “justice system” allows such organisations as OMI to continue to exist. Are fraud and corruption at epidemic levels throughout the financial organisations and their government puppets to such an extent that every honest citizen is seen merely as a future victim? The parasites of CWM and OMI have impoverished many. They must not be allowed to move on to do the same to others.


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