Month: May 2019

LM and other monstrous failed funds

DEADLY AUSTRALIAN (AND OTHER) TOXIC INVESTMENT FAILURES LM Management Performance Currency Protected Australian Income LM First Mortgage Income Premier Eco Resources LM Wholesale First Mortgage Premier New Earth Recycling Solutions Institutional Currency Protected Australian Income New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Axiom Legal Financing Kijani We could write thousands of pages about these toxic, risky, illiquid …

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Is your IFA a snake in the grass?

An elderly lady consulted Hollingsworth International Financial Services in Malta about her life savings in 2011. She told Hollingsworth’s employee Paul Tilbrook she wanted her funds invested safely and cautiously. Her savings amounted to over £400,000 and she wanted to move them to a safe pair of hands to make sure her capital was protected. The adviser promised her that her money would not only be protected, but that it would be “actively managed” to ensure diversity and growth. In reality something very different happened.

Fighting pension scams – Qualifications

Fighting pension scams needs to be done logically and methodically.  Decent advisers need to use high standards to help fight scams.  If these standards become the norm, the scammers won’t survive and flourish so easily. Fighting pension scams – Qualifications Most qualified advisers want nothing to do with pension scams.  Many offshore firms employ advisers …

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