Barratt and Dalton – placed in the hands of Dalriada Trustees by the Pensions Regulator in April 2015. £13.7 million was transferred into the 17 schemes by 242 victims. The schemes were run by trustees Alan Barratt, Susan Dalton and Julian Hanson. Hanson was one of the leading promoters of the Ark pension liberation scam in 2010/11. There were many of the same old same old features of a typical scam such as cold calling, promises of unrealistically high investment returns, shoddy scheme documentation, missing money.

Baxendale Walker – 1,400 victims with a total of £134 million in transfers with fees of 11% totalling £14.7 million. The Pensions Regulator stated this was one of the “biggest, most highly-organised pension ‘liberation’ exercises” they had ever come across. It had quickly become a huge success due to aggressive marketing by a network of “introducers” doing large-scale cold calling. The regulator brought High Court proceedings in July 2013 against A Admin Ltd, Warwick Pensions Administration Ltd, Lincoln Pensions Administration Ltd, Baxendale Walker LLP, and Paul Baxendale-Walker. In 2005, Paul Baxendale-Walker – a solicitor – was struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for a conflict of interest in advising his clients on his own tax schemes. He now runs The Tax Experts and regularly features on TV as an expert commentator on tax matters.

Burns, Robert – Operations Director of Premier Pension Solutions SL, reporting directly to Stephen Ward. Advised many of the victims of the various pension liberation scams promoted and administered by Stephen Ward.

Browse, Sean – Partner at Dalriada Trustees – into whose hands more than 2,500 victims pensions have been placed by the Pensions Regulator when fraud is discovered.

Busting – another term used for pension liberation

Blu Debt Management – firm run by Peter Moat, associate of Stephen Ward’s who was selling the Ark schemes from his FSA-regulated loan company in 2011. An “expert” in debt management, Moat was declared bankrupt