Cranbourne Star – one of the six Ark schemes used for the PRP/MPVA reciprocation/liberation pension scheme with 86 members.

Capita Oak – £10.8 million scam administered by Stephen Ward of Premier Pension Transfers (31, Memorial Road, Worsley), Alan Fowler, and Bill Perkins. Ward and his accomplice Anthony Salih transferred more than 300 victims’ pensions into Capita Oak in 2012/13 promising “guaranteed 8% returns for the first two years”. The scheme was set up as a bogus occupational scheme with a non-existent Cyprus company (R. P. Medplant) as the sponsoring employer, and a forged trust deed. A firm of solicitors in Leeds, Metis Law,  handled the purchase of £9.8 million worth of Store First store pods without obtaining valuations. The trustee, Imperial Trustee Services, was wound up in 2015 and is now in the hands of the Insolvency Service awaiting the appointment of an insolvency practitioner. The “guaranteed” 8% return (16% over two years) was paid to a firm called Transeuro Worldwide Holdings Ltd – plus a 30% introduction commission by Store First. It is not known whether the store pods have any value or could ever be re-sold.

CNMV – the Spanish Regulator Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores

Chiringuitos – the CNMV’s warning leaflet about the dangers of scammers

Cold Calling – a marketing technique widely used by scammers to target unsuspecting victims and convince them to transfer their pensions away from safe schemes and into toxic schemes. This technique was used by Jackson Francis, Hudson Clarke and Nunn and McCreesh in Capita Oak and various other scams which have resulted in financial ruin for hundreds of victims.