Alliance Partnership – ‘ere we go again!

Alliance Partnership – ‘ere we go again! Just how many warning signs do you need?

How many warnings do you really need?

Alliance Partnership – ‘ere we go again! After the Continental Wealth Management debacle – a fraud facilitated by the usual suspects: Old Mutual International, Generali and SEB – the public must be warned about similar firms which are likely to scam unsuspecting victims.

In the case of Alliance Partnership Limited – a firm registered in Nevis (where so many scams and scammers are registered because of the secrecy afforded them), there is just about every single warning sign possible. The public must be aware of the dangers posed by this firm.

With an office in the Czech Republic, this firm has been selling insurance products and investing victims’ funds into unregulated collectives – such as LM – illegally.

Look at the Alliance Partnership Limited website and you will find all the warning signs are clearly there in black, white, green and red:

The exact same three death offices as used by Continental Wealth Management to destroy up to £50,000,000

You simply couldn’t make it up: Alliance Partnership Limited is proudly displaying the three worst insurance companies: Generali, Old Mutual International and SEB, which facilitated the £100 million Continental Wealth Management scam between 2008 and 2017.

Generali, Old Mutual International and SEB accepted investment instructions from this unregulated firm of scammers into high-risk, toxic structured notes and risky, illiquid UCIS funds. Long after the losses became evident, as low-risk investors were placed into these entirely inappropriate high-risk investments – only suitable for professional or sophisticated investors – Generali, Old Mutual International and SEB carried on accepting identical investment dealing instructions from the scammers at Continental Wealth Management.

Alliance Partnership Limited has an insurance license in the Czech Republic and boasts that it can “help all of our clients and their unique needs related to the life journey of their financial aspirations”. They claim to be “financial planners” and that “no future is too big or too small for us”

Alliance Partnership – ‘ere we go again! Yet another firm with an insurance license flogging expensive insurance bonds that nobody needs. If an investor wants to be stuck in a toxic, unnecessary insurance bond – provided by Old Mutual International, Generali, Hansard Global or SEB – which will cost a huge amount in fees and will offer high-risk, unregulated investments – then this is indeed the solution!

But sensible investors, who don’t want to lose their life savings, should steer well clear. Alliance Partnership claims they are “here to help”. They are using unethical, unscrupulous insurance companies which will take business from any old unregulated scammers. Old Mutual International, Generali, Hansard and SEB deliberately ruin their clients’ funds with high-risk toxic funds, so the public needs to be warned about this firm.

The only reason firms such as Alliance Partnership use these death offices, is because insurance bonds pay 8% commission. And we know there is a history of using rogue funds such as LM. So steer well clear! Others have been ruined so it is important to learn from them.

How many more alarm bells do you want?

How many alarm bells would you like? If the above warnings aren’t enough, here are some more – all there in black and white on the Alliance Partnership website:

  • Alliance Partnership claims to offer savings plans. As it is openly promoting the likes of Generali and RL360, these are bound to be the same savings plans as used to scam thousands of victims into these toxic, expensive, inflexible plans.
  • Alliance Partnership is promoting “alternative investments”. We know that it was selling the LM fund to its victims, and this should ring loud alarm bells – because most of these so-called alternatives only serve to pay the introducer large commissions. Funds such as LM have ruined thousands of investors who have lost all their life savings thanks to unscrupulous brokers and introducers posing as “advisers”.
  • Alliance Partnership claims to offer portfolio and wealth management. The firm does not have an investment license – so it can’t legally give investment advice.
  • Alliance Partnership says it can provide pension planning services – but with just an insurance license, this is illegal.
  • Alliance Partnership is promoting the Canaccord Genuity fund – a fund which is under investigation by the FCA for non-disclosure of fees.
  • Alliance Partnership is featuring not just rogue insurance companies such as OMI, SEB and Generali on its website, but also RL360, Zurich Hansard and FPI. It is disappointing to see Investors Trust advertised on the website: this is the only life office which has ever done anything decent for investment scam victims.
  • Alliance Partnership claims to have a “team of financial planners”, and yet there is no “meet the team” section on the website. This means potential victims have no idea who the team are and can’t check up on their qualifications.
  • Alliance Partnership is promoting Azure Pensions – a QROPS run by Integrated Capabilities. This was a firm which facilitated the Blackmore Global investment scam and should be given a wide berth.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the Alliance Partnership website. All the alarm bells are clearly there. Learn from past victims’ mistakes – don’t be next!

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  1. Alarm bells, Warnings, Good advice? It’s a waste of time. Until a scam fails and the money is all gone, victims close their ears to the warning signs in the hope you’re lying. “Potential” victims don’t go looking for advice on sites like this &
    so scams continue to thrive making millions for the scammers – it’s like taking candy from babies and will always be so.

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