1. Liz Barrington
    May 3, 2016 @ 5:17 pm

    Great letter Angie, well done and to the point.

    These individuals and their HMRC department need to take full responsibility for their utter incompetency.

    It is totally unacceptable, immoral and wrong that they choose to turn a blind eye, apathetically sitting behind their desks and continuing to ‘support’ the activity of these evil criminals, yet choosing to pro-actively target the ‘easy’ route which is that of the innocent victims by robbing them of tax revenue instead. HMRC are just as bad as the criminals themselves.

    It is totally shameful and unethical – I hope all the people concerned can sleep at night.

    Urgent and effective action is needed to be taken by COMPETENT and MORAL individuals that fight for REAL justice, and NOW!!

    Thanks as always to you, for your great efforts in forever supporting the innocent ex-pat victims and helping to fight the crimes that are being freely committed by these nasty sharks.


  2. Tim Douglas
    September 19, 2016 @ 11:42 am

    Totally agree , after liberating half my pension and paying interest on it each month I now hAve bailiffs trying to collect £11k in tax and no chance of ever seeing the remainder of my pension pot of £20 k . Then on top of the Dalriad now want to use the remaining pension amount for court costs For something that only they will benefit from and if we don’t agree again the victims will be litigated against…. Is any of these organisations interested in the fact the victims have lost their lives savings and any prospect of a pension on retirement. It is totally immoral on all counts and hmrc are just fuelling the grief of these victims with the added pressure of tax. This is criminal on all counts !!! Victims should be compensated by government not punished as they set and are responsible for the standards of pension schemes !


  3. R Wilson
    November 22, 2016 @ 4:27 pm

    I cant get my head round this, why didnt they just de-register the schemes, it would be so simple, people would say we have a responsibilty also which upto a certain point i agree (ive lost over £100,000 ) but i knew nothing about pensions and the fact it said HMRC APPROVED and my ceding provider transfered the money i thought everything was fine, but to then maybe pay the loan back and pay the tax is not right. I wouldnt expect everything to be back to how it was but it surely has to be one or the other at worst, but i do believe we should get some sort of compo for the stress that has gone on for 6 years now from the ceding providers. it looks to me they knew what they were doing and thought serves you right. I am just grateful Angie Brooks is trying to sort this mess out,


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