Dalriada Trustees Limited is a privately owned professional and independent trustee and has operated since 2003. Dalriada can act as an independent trustee to any size of pension scheme from those operated by small private companies to large schemes associated with major listed public companies. Our team includes both highly experienced DB independent trustees and specialist DC independent trustees who can both serve on trust based boards (including acting as a non-affiliated trustee of a Master Trust) or act as members of governance committees (including Internal Governance Committees operated by providers)


neil-copelandThere are several posts within the Dalriada Blog that are worth reading. We particularly like Neil Copelands wish list to Ros Altmann.

Neil’s Wish list:

  • Regulated Professional trustees;
  • Regulated Scheme administrators;
  • Additional Regulation of schemes where no employment link is required for membership;
  • A power for trustees to prevent transfers where they have reasonable concerns about the validity of the receiving scheme;
  • Banning investment in certain forms of unregulated investment from any pension vehicle other than a SiPP.

The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator is the definitive resource for all things related to Occupational Pensions.

They have recently updated their Trustee Toolkit which is “The free, online learning programme from The Pensions Regulator aimed at trustees of occupational pension schemes.”


“CHIRINGUITOS” means entities offering and providing pensions/investment and advisory services without being authorized to do so. They are dangerous because in most cases the apparent provision of such services is just a cover for fooling victims into believing they are making a highly profitable investment.