Locked Out of LinkedIn

Locked out of LinkedIn for Defamation? Moi?

Due to the receipt of multiple defamation claim reports, your account has been restricted pending your agreement to our terms. Please note that it’s our policy to terminate user accounts when we receive multiple reports of this nature.”

But who could have reported me for defamation? The problem is that there are so many possible candidates who have been caught contravening regulations; not having sufficient qualifications and abusing titles. And, most of all, causing their clients to lose money.

So, been wracking my brain and wondering what I could have written in my blogs that could possibly be classed as defamatory. Part of the problem is that I rarely write good stuff. You won’t often read things like: “Mr. G from the Costa Lotta told me he was so delighted with the advice he received from his properly regulated, qualified and behaved adviser that he hasn’t lost any money”.

I only tend to write about people who have lost money – because they are the only people who contact me and ask for help.

Getting out my crystal ball to find out who reported me for defamation.

So, dusting off my trusty crystal ball, I went through all my blogs in the past year to see if I could work out who was behind this spurious accusation(or series of spurious accusations) of defamation. And I came across quite a few likely suspects. And of course, they are all parties who have caused victims to lose money or to be put in a position where they are at risk of losing money.

Abbey Wealth – Spanish firm with no investment license currently being sued alongside Old Mutual International in the Spanish Civil Court
Andrew Bailey – Head of Knitting at the Facilitating Crime Advocates – allergic to regulating; has his eye on the Bank of England top job
Aviva – First in the alphabet of lazy, callous, negligent ceding pension providers who routinely hand over £ millions to the scammers
Azure Pensions – Continuing trend set by Integrated Capabilities and Optimus QROPS; facilitated the Blackmore Global investment scam
Belgravia Wealth – Dodgy advisory firm with job offer for financial advisers: “no financial qualifications needed”
Berkeley Burke – Any old investments as long as they are pure crap, high risk, illiquid and pay the scammers high commissions
Blackmore Global – Fund of illiquid, risky assets with no independent audit and no sign of return of funds to hundreds of victims
Blevins Franks – Criminal offence in Spain with sale of Lombard death bonds which lock victims in and charge high commissions/fees
CCI – Niall Coburn’s Coburn Corporate Intelligence – Australian wannabe claims management company
David Vilka – long history of scamming victims into QROPS to be invested in worthless crap such as Blackmore Global
Dolphin Trust – now known as the German Property Group with hundreds of angry investors (lenders) desperate to get their money back
DWF Solicitors – acted both for the Insolvency Service and Stephen Ward (the scammer) in the Capita Oak pension scam
FCA – knitting club for lazy people only interested in after-the-event, low-hanging fruit and zero interest in proactive prevention or action
Flying Colours – run by Guy Myles (too many Ys)
Generali – provider of long-term savings plans and death bonds to scam victims out of their savings and pay scammers huge commissions
Gerrard Associates – firm run by Gary Barlow; worked in league with Stephen Ward; responsible for the London Quantum pension scam
Gleeson Bessent – shut down by Insolvency Service; directors banned for “mis-management” and high-risk, high-commission investments
HMRC – registers the scammers as pension trustees; registers the scam schemes; taxes the victims
Insolvency Service – winds up investments used by scammers but doesn’t take robust action against the scammers
International Adviser – PR agency for Old Mutual International
XXXX XXXX – scammer behind Capita Oak, Henley, Westminster and Trafalgar Multi Asset Fund/STM Fidecs; under investigation by SFO
John Ferguson – scammer who works with David Vilka; runs Square Mile Financial Services, Aspinall Chase and Aktiva Wealth Management
Leonteq – provider of high-commission gambling products for scammers to earn high commission and to destroy victims life savings
London Capital & Finance – “mini bond” destroyed 11,625 investors’ savings totalling £237,207,497; promoted by Surge Group
Michael Doherty – cheeky Irishman who runs Robusto and Woodbrook Group which employed three ex Continental Wealth scammers
Neil Woodford – former fund management star whose fund is now suspended and publicly exposed as being high-risk and illiquid
Niall Coburn – Australian lawyer/barrister who aspires to claims management and is planning on learning English one of these days
Old Mutual International – death bonds; works with scammers to destroy victims’ life savings e.g. £94m worth of Leonteq structured notes
Olive Press – freebie publication in Spain which never lets the truth get in the way of a good story
Patrick McCreesh – Phillip Nunn’s partner; lead generation for the Capita Oak scam and now runs the Blackmore Group investment scams
Pensions Ombudsman – being deluged by Pension Life with complaints against negligent ceding providers who ignored the Scorpion warning
Pensions Regulator – registered all the occupational pension scams and facilitated £ millions of financial crime
Peter Kenny – CEO of Old Mutual International death office and responsible for the destruction of £billions of victims’ life savings
Philip Hammond – pursuer of “caravan crime” who refused to address pension crime
Phillip Nunn – partner of Patrick McCreesh; responsible for over 1,000 victims of XXXX XXXX´s pension scams losing their pensions
Quilter Cheviot – in “partnership” with Old Mutual International and obviously doesn’t care about their professional reputation
Robusto – owned by Michael Doherty and staffed by unqualified “advisers”
Russell Fund – provider of mediocre, expensive investments to Blevins Franks
Seagate – unregulated Spanish firm run by unqualified would-be “advisers”; claim to “work with all major International Death Companies”
SEB – provider of death bonds and collaborates with scammers to destroy victims’ funds by investing in high-risk, high-commission crap
Square Mile International Financial Services – Czech Republic firm run by scammers John Ferguson and David Vilka; insurance license only
Stephen Ward – where to start!  Prolific scammer; destroyed thousands of victims’ life savings with high-risk, high-commission investments
STM Fidecs – collaborated with scammer XXXX XXXX in the Trafalgar Multi-Asset Fund scam which conned 400 victims out of £21 million
Surge Group – promoters of London Capital & Finance “mini bond”, and also Nunn & McCreesh’s Blackmore Bond – earning Surge over £60m
Tinky Winky – arrogant twat, ex tPR, now LGPS
Tolleys – publisher of Stephen Ward’s Pensions Taxation Manual
Utmost Wealth – took over Generali but still hasn’t compensated the victims for their losses at the hands of the scammers
Woodbrook Group – run by Michael Doherty; offers structured products to retail clients; owns Mondial in Dubai and Robusto in Germany
Woodford Equity Income Fund – run by Neil Woodford and in deep shit

Out of this lot, I have no idea who might have reported me to LimpedIn for defamation. But CRYSTAL BALLS to whoever it was.

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