Close-knit team committed to helping victims of pension and investment scams and negligence.   Scammers and “chiringuitos” in the past six years have severely compromised the integrity of the financial services industry.  The team has seen the abject misery and financial ruin caused by pension liberation fraud and financial mis-selling.  This £billion scamming spree has ruined thousands of lives and made dozens of scammers very rich. The team’s aims are to support past victims; prevent future victims; encourage regulators to take action.

Angela Brooks

Director of Pension Life and Class Action Chairman

Pension Life Team

Former accounting consultant and tax adviser, Angie set up the UK’s first ever HMRC consumer complaints service in 2003 to challenge the taxman’s abusive practices.  She successfully represented many claimants before the General and Special Commissioners, obtained the largest ever recorded negligence settlement from HMRC, and was consulted by Lord Howe of Aberavon on the Tax Law Re-write project.  Many cases were referred to her by MPs, accountants and solicitors and she spoke regularly at the Institute of Economic Affairs.  She eventually decided to specialise in agricultural inheritance tax cases, and was a frequent contributor to Farmers’ Weekly as well as the national press.  She was consulted by the government on the taxation (avoidance) aspect of the MPs’ expenses scandal in 2009, and moved to Southern Spain in 2010 for health reasons.  Having gone into semi retirement, she was asked to return to the UK in 2013 for one final agricultural IHT case, and while she was there took on her first Ark case.  The rest is history – and she is now acknowledged as one of the leading experts on pension liberation scams.  She is currently preparing to go to the Tax Tribunals with the Ark and Salmon Enterprises cases.

Angie has four children. 

Specialty: tax appeals and pension liberation victim complaints and claims

Sue Halfyard

Member Administration

Pension Life Team

Sue started her career as an administrator for a UK-based nationwide school photography company.  She quickly progressed through the business to become manager of the accounts department when her boss retired. She stayed in that position for 25 years – overseeing up to 40 staff – with a total of 29 years with that same company.

When she left, she returned to college and completed a foundation Degree in Complementary Therapies and later gained the AMSPAR (Association of Medical Secretaries Practice Managers Administrators and Receptionists) Diploma. Although her aim had been to work as a medical secretary for the NHS, she and her partner moved to southern Spain instead.

Sue’s role at Pension Life is to take care of member administration – processing members’ records and documents, unauthorised payment tax appeals, referrals to the Tax Tribunals and case/scheme profile preparation for referral to the legal team.

Sue has one son and one grandson in Australia. 

Elizabeth Flynn

Website and blog content writer

Pension Life Team

Elizabeth looks after the website and blogs, ensuring quality content and up-to-date information on what is happening in the pensions and investment industry. 

Before joining Pension Life, her background was in regulated business and technology development in highly-regulated sectors including the medical industry, aviation and national energy grids. Elizabeth finds it incomprehensible that this same level of regulation and compliance cannot be efficiently implemented in the financial sector. The technology is out there it is (or should be) and it is simply a matter of setting the structure and building the data technology to implement it.

The “engine” behind the website is a list of all the scams, scammers, funds, firms, trustees, administrators, investment managers, introducers, financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and cold-calling outfits who have been involved in or are currently operating either outright scams or unregulated, risky pension and investment schemes.  This will enable victims to find Pension Life through internet searches easily.  Elizabeth is also preparing to publish the Pension Life book of scams and will be working on a series of videos and a documentary warning of the dangers of the various “too good to be true” sales techniques used by the scammers.

Elizabeth has two young sons.

Jon Blackie

Video Producer

Pension Life Team

Jon graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and then spent the next ten years working as a successful musician and getting involved in music videos from both sides of the camera. 

Having joined Pension Life in the autumn of 2016, Jon’s job will be to produce educational videos about the dangers of pension and investment scams as part of the scam prevention process.  He is tasked with telling the human tale of misery and poverty caused by the scammers and raising the profile of the battle against not just the scammers but the failures of the government, regulators and law-enforcement agencies to stop them and bring them to justice.

Jon is a keen snowboarder and is looking forward to the winter season at Sierra Nevada since moving to southern Spain recently.