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A few words about Pension Life

Pension Life started in 2014 as Ark Class Action. This was a tax appeal on behalf of nearly 500 victims of a pension liberation scam. The main promoters and administrators of this scam were Stephen Ward of PPS and Sam Intone of AES.

Both firms are now under investigation by the FCA. Stephen Ward is facing criminal charges in Spain for fraud and forgery. 

Over the next few years, the enormous scale of pension scams in the UK and typical expat countries such as Spain, the UAE and South Africa, became clear.

It was also obvious that nothing was being done about it. Between 2014 and 2018, billions of pounds were lost to toxic investments at the hands of unregulated and unqualified salesmen posing convincingly as financial advisers. 

Pension Life was set up to engage with regulators, ombudsmen and the international financial services community in an effort to reform the established culture of commission-based selling.

Criminal Cases

Pension Life is currently taking action in the Spanish criminal court.

The complainants are victims of pension scams who have lost millions at the hands of ruthless fraudsters. 

The defendants are all serial scammers who have defrauded thousands of British expats out of their life savings in the past decade.

Further defendants and cases are currently being considered.

Civil Cases

Pension Life is preparing to take action in the Spanish civil court.

The claimants are victims of life offices (insurance companies) who have facilitated the scams and frauds.

Spanish civil law is very protective of consumers’ rights.

European law takes precedence over Spanish law but is equally strong on consumer protection.

Regulator Cases

Pension Life works closely with regulators and arbiters in a number of different countries. 

The Hong Kong pension regulator is currently taking action in a case involving a QROPS which had been used fraudulently for toxic investments.

Regulators in Malta, Gibraltar and the UK are also working on Pension Life cases. 

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