Helping victims recover their destroyed pensions and investments:

For well over a decade, pension and investment scams have proliferated in the UK and offshore. Scammers have benefited – while victims have suffered. Tackling this problem has been Pension Life’s mission since 2013. 


People duped into transferring their pensions and life savings into sham schemes are often invested in worthless assets. Investors need to find out what their recovery options are.

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Lawyers in the UK and offshore need to be fully briefed on cases' characteristics in order to provide the best legal advice and service to claimants.

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Pension Life coordinates the work of law firms in various jurisdictions. Every case is different and will need the right approach. Making claims is not always straight forward so the approach needs to be flexible, affordable and effective. 

If accepted, the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) can pay out up to £85,000 for a successful claim. However, the claim must prove conclusively that a failed FCA-registered company had been responsible for any loss. 

FCA registered firms who have caused a loss  can be complained against to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If the FOS upholds the complaint, it can award the complainant up to £350,000 compensation. 

Where a loss has been caused by a negligent pension provider, a complaint can be to the pension ombudsman service. If upheld, the POS can award compensation or reinstatement of the pension fund.  

The Fraud Compensation Fund can pay compensation for losses caused in occupational pension schemes where fraud or dishonesty has been involved. Trustees or members can make the claims but any compensation would be paid to the trustees. 

Where other avenues have been exhausted, a last resort would be the civil courts. This is an expensive and lengthy route to redress which may require litigation funding. Done properly and in accordance with the recent supreme court ruling this can result in compensation. However litigation funding is expensive and requires equally insurance. 

The criminal route is sometimes more effective than the civil route. This is because the civil process only results in a financial penalty against the defendant. However the criminal route can achieve the same but with the added bonus that the defendant can be sent to prison if found guilty. 



scam-related crime reports made to Action Fraud between 2015 and 2019



are QROPS recognised for overseas pension schemes

£ 0 M


fraud reported by 24,000 people



pension schemes were assigned independent trustees by the Pensions Regulator from 2017 to 2022


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