1. John Rogers
    May 14, 2018 @ 2:49 pm

    David King has my respect and sympathy. Working hard, paying his way and trying to do the best for his family and finding that government institutions are actually working against him.
    They are organisations led by sellf satisfied, arrogant and overly privileged bully boys and girls. As such, they lack the courage, the knowledge and the capabilities to go after the real offenders. Too afraid to go after the big tax avoiding corporations and money laundering criminals (these days it is hard to tell the difference!).
    I’m not a victim of the Ark fraud. I am a victim of the CWM scam. I too dread what may be present in my mailbox each morning and what my e-mail may contain. I am sickened by what the perpetrators of these frauds have done and continue to do to their fellow human beings. I am disgusted that the government institutions seem only to persecute the victims rather than to catch and punish criminals.
    Keep on speaking out Mr King. Governments must no longer assume that our silence means servile acceptable. They must be made aware, again, that they represent us and that, if needs be, we can replace them and their systems.


  2. Mark Baldwin
    May 21, 2018 @ 5:11 pm

    I too am a victim of the Ark scheme and like me King I too have had sleepless nights regarding Hmrc.
    They are now threatening me with bankruptcy and because I have equity in my home I am told by an independent insolvency guy that not only will they make me sell my home but they will take the tax they say I owe them because of the scam plus 15% of all equity also fees and charges plus solicitors fees will add another 20-30k making my liability over 60k this I can’t get my head round and is totally unacceptable, I could go to a loan shark and get treated better and fairer!
    Now the pension authorities are demanding the original sum back and have issued a CCJ against me in Loo of the decision in the present court case!!

    I took the original monies from my pension because I was made redundant and not having any other skill set I had to retrain to get back into a decent job, the money helped me go to night school for 3yrs whilst I did a part time job and study!!!


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