Henley Pension Scam

Henley Pension Scam



This was the “sister” scheme to Capita Oak, whose trustee was Imperial Trustee Services.  The Henley trustee was Omni Trustees.  Both Omni and Imperial were wound up by the Insolvency Service in the summer of 2015 and the two schemes had around £20m invested in Store First store pods.  Store First is part of Toby Whittaker’s Group First – and another of his companies is Park First which Stephen Ward’s London Quantum scam was invested in.

The Henley Retirement Benefits Scheme was a bogus occupational scheme registered by HMRC and the Pensions Regulator.  The scheme received £8.6m from members of the public between 2012 and 2013.  

The administrator to the scheme was T12 Administration followed by DBC Pension Services Ltd on 7.3.13. Stuart Chapman-Clarke’s firm Sanderson Clarke was involved in promoting the scam.  The store pods were purchased by solicitors Metis Law in Leeds.

The victims were promised guaranteed 16% returns and were told they could legally access 50% of their pension without incurring tax liabilities.


https://www.pensions-ombudsman.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/PO-4414.pdf and https://www.gov.uk/government/news/insolvency-service-takes-action-to-protect-pension-funds



2 thoughts on “Henley Pension Scam”

  1. Why does the HMRC not help those of us who were defrauded by these criminals?
    I lost my whole teachers pension and have attempted suicide I bet if the politicians had lost this kind of fund for retirement all the stops would be pulled out to reimburse them but we hard working honest but gullible folks get left to rot about it!!!

    1. “… we hard working honest but gullible folks get left to rot about it!!!”
      Ain’t that the truth.
      No one cares about the forgotten victims. Some people give the impression they care – scam “experts” often giving false hope to victims but in fact are in it only for professional kudos; journalists are in it for big headlines and politicians, giving the impression they care with their useless parliamentary inquiries and questions in The House, are in it purely for political gain; organisations like the TTF and PSIG making lots of noises but do nothing to help victims and blog authors (and there are many) shouting and accusing scammers, simply to fill column inches, only want publicity and visitors to their website and followers on twitter.
      But the reality is, the scams soon fade from the public consciousness, scammers, along with those that facilitate them such as QROPS and insurance companies, move to the next scam and the sick parasites seeking professional kudos, big headlines and political gain move onto the next ‘flavour of the month’ while the forgotten victims face retirement in financial ruin.
      No one cares about the victims.

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