1. sue
    September 21, 2018 @ 3:40 pm

    Wish i had know was in Shoreditch yesterday would have loved to have attended


    • Angie
      September 21, 2018 @ 8:06 pm

      You should have been the star speaker. And a testament to the fact that since 2010/2011 when you were scammed, nothing has improved – other than a few dismal attempts to wedge the stable shut with a chocolate finger.


  2. Stephen
    September 22, 2018 @ 6:44 am

    There are no “real” investigative journalists anymore.

    Even the BBC’s You & Yours journalist, though he did a fair job in my case – https://www.bbc.com/news/business-42776709 – when he wanted to do a follow up and get right down into the weeds and expose Nunn & McCreesh’s Blackmore Global activities, he was stopped by his management and moved onto the next headline.

    There was a time when journalists could drill into the grubby activities of such parasites and expose them and even gather sufficient evidence for a police investigation with a view to prosecutions. But sadly not anymore. Now journalists are pressured to bang out a headline with a hint of reporting. It is because of this, the parasitic pond life flourishes – journalists no longer have the time nor inclination to look deep into this dark world and shine a light on facts that can be used against this garbage of society.

    A recent example of very shallow journalism was Financial Planning Today (“FPT”) – https://www.financialplanningtoday.co.uk/ – that shockingly promoted an inaccurate account of Phillip Nunn’s first “global” crypto-currency etf being launched under the banner of Nunn’s new venture, Wealth Chain Capital Ltd – https://www.wealthchain.com/ registered number 11317490 – but the company’s website doesn’t describe an ETF at all but an unregulated investment club! Yet FPT fell for Nunn’s story without being in full possession of the facts. After a twitter backlash to the story by many experts, the page – https://www.financialplanningtoday.co.uk/news/item/9228-investment-firm-plans-first-cryptocurrency-etf – seems to have disappeared. A wise move by FTP but it was stupid to have published it in the first place without checking!

    There is a huge wealth of real stories of human misery at the hands of scammers and con-men milking £millions from UK pensions, facilitated by Life Offices who grab a piece of the cake for doing nothing whatsoever and further facilitated by QROPS who also grab a piece of the cake and then give the money to unregulated funds that then also milk admin charges for the unregulated fund managers who shouldn’t be in charge of your money in the first place. All intermediaries – ceding pension providers, Life offices, QROPS – are well aware of the risks associated with these unregulated funds but turn a blind eye because it is easy money for them. The term “duty of care” apparently being nothing more than a meaningless mantra!

    Journalists could have a feeding frenzy on all these stories like, just one example being Ms. Khuller risking everything to take on, single handed, FNB, the Guernsey subsidiary of a global bank, First Rand – https://www.firstrand.co.za/Pages/Firstrand.aspx – reported by numerous outlets including the Mail on Sunday – https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/pensions/article-6097685/Advisers-cost-170-000-pension-says-single-mum.html

    Delve deep into these stories, turn over a few stones and you find the same old common thread – easy money for all the actors in the scam; lazy rubber stamping DB pension administrators more than happy to transfer your money out of an often underfunded scheme; unqualified, unregulated advisers recommending transfers into unregulated funds which in one case, LM Managed Performance, turned out to be a Ponzi Scheme!

    There’s more than enough here for all the journalists to get their teeth into some real investigative journalism, expose the crooks and shine a light on the shocking injustices, and ask why the authorities are doing nothing to bring these crooks to account; ask why providers are not informing their members they are walking into a scam more than 2 years after the Pensions Regulator launched its Scorpion Campaign?

    There’s a smorgasbord of threads for journalists, more than enough to go round.

    So why is Angie the ONLY one really exposing these people – notwithstanding a few inaccuracies in her reporting?


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