1. Peter Thomas
    January 11, 2018 @ 12:55 am

    Just come across your interesting site and looking for advice…I’m a steelworker and have recently moved my pop from the pension scheme…The company I used are JM Wealth who were later stopped trading by the FCA as their ‘in house’ compliance team were found wanting….they are now trading again using a different compliance team…should I trust these as my IFA…my pot has been moved into Zurich…JM Wealth,Carmarthen/Neath South Wales…Kind Regards,Peter Thomas


  2. Paul Johnson
    January 11, 2018 @ 3:44 pm

    My wife and I handed over to CWM our entire transferred pension funds at the beginning of 2012 . The combined value of both funds was over £580,000 .
    My wife’s started at some £330,000 in 2012 , but is currently only worth approx. £73,000 as at Sept 2017 !!
    My own funds started at £250,000 in 2012 is currently worth approx. £136,000 ” ” ”
    A combined loss of over £330,000 .
    Our highest/first “Financial Planning Priority “instruction to CWM ….to Protect the funds .
    On 24/02/2012 CWM placed the entire amount of my “pot ” in a single bond ..tied in for five years . Only in spring 2015 did CWM finally ” come clean ” as to how much money had already been lost, and the nature/risk of my single investment as a multi barrier bond .They were forced to do this for our 3 year GAD review . I was never provided with a “prospectus ” for this investment and would absolutely never agreed to invest in ONE bond that could lose everything should any one of the five companies share value drop below 50 % of the starting ….which one did ..a Gold Mining Company !! One of the companies however was up over 200%…..so they pay out based on the worst one and get to keep the benefits from the best …nice for them.


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