1. Stanley Embling
    December 22, 2017 @ 9:54 am

    In 1992/3 Frank Fields was chair of an Home affairs committee overseeing claw-back of Compensation Payments [The Unit for doing such was call the “Compensation Recovery Unit”] I got involved supplied evidence as a victim seeking compensation after suffering severe injury 23/04/1990 (which I discovered only in 2001 never got reported to the HSE) However in 1995 a settlement was enforced om me by blackmail of my then Trade Union The GMBTu.. aided by the duplicity and complicity of the GMB Tu Solicitors Huntsmans of Nottingham (alleged to have been handling my case as I was led to believe would amount to circa £200,000,) instead they “enforced me by blackmail and threats to take the minimal amount of £2,500..otherwise if I didn’t agree the GMBTu would withdraw the funding I paid for over 30yrs as a T-U Member and I would be left to fund whatever was then owed to the Solicitors…In 1998 after “Blackmailing and Threatening me! and enforcing such an insulting settlements on me; I discover that the person handling my case from 1990 was NOT a solicitor only a Legal Adviser……
    Then to top that the £140 “Reduced Earing’s Allowance” (also called Special Hardship Allowance,) I’d been receiving from being injured/disabled, it also got stopped when I got to the age of 65; yet from from Law Books from Readers Digest [You and Your Rights,]They claimed I should have continued to receive that £140 (Special Hardship Allowance, increasing with COl ) continually after my normal Retirement Age of 65…..
    .That “Claw Back” left myself and good wife to struggle by all these years thereafter ; yet when sending Frank Fields ( Chair of the House of Commons Claw-Back select Committee) also all of his committee details I pointed out how such a “Claw-Back Scheme” would be left wide open to Abuse by Employers and their Lawyers representing them!!…But Clearly my fears fell on deaf hears; as such that £140 paid as Special Hardship Allowance (or Reduced Earnings Allowance,) should have also been make -up -pay to help compensate me for Loss of similar amounts that should have made-up my losses of my British Steel Company Pensions (possibly many other other injured/disabled B-Steel Employees….
    Due to the fact my fears were ignored by Frank Fields MP and his “Claw-Back” committee; leaving myself and good wife remain being robbed and plundered to this day of our rightful B-Steel Company Pension as do many other such Victims /Family I known……
    Please can You Help Explain why such fraudulently concealed “dishonest dealings” also “Miscarriages of Justice is being allowed to operate whilst cloaked against us many Victims please..??? PS Please see “Victims Unite” Stanley Embling, Case No 10 ….Contact me on my email if you care to do so please….Thank you


  2. Stanley Embling
    December 22, 2017 @ 1:10 pm

    Further to my previous comments I know expose certain fraudulently concealed “Theft of Property Scams that involves B-Steel Company Pensions, I know as fact have been ongoing whilst concealed and suppressed from 1980 ongoing to this day; the effects of which continue to rob and plunder from us many then duped and deceived, deprived and displaced, uninformed “Excluded/Blackballed” British Steel employees; from when terms and conditions of our Employment contracts” first got violated made Null and Void..
    Though reported to many in High Public Offices Investigations were promised by Members of Parliament for This Area from 1990 to 2003; yet when push came to shove and because of sinister dealings of the MP’s No investigations were ever forthcoming, nor were they from The Police also informed of the concealed fraud….Such Misfeasance or Malfeasance by many in High Public Offices have left us many robbed/plundered Scunthorpe Steelworkers including myself being continually robed and plundered out of Injury Compensation and Company Pensions to this day !!
    Therefore I ask:-Why are Scunthorpe B-Steel ex employees continually being denied unadulterated access to “Fair Hearings” Retributions and Common Justice, also made to suffer violations of our Human and Fundamental Rights please?? Yet the many others robbed by other Scams dating Back 30 or more years are being paid out for concealed fraud please Not least PPI misselling ?? Surely there is NO Time Limits to concealed fraud is there??


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