Ex Continental Wealth Scammers – where are they now?

Pension life highlights the ex CWM employees involved in the pension scams have fled to different countries and are still being employed by advisory firmsWhen a pension or investment scam implodes (as they always do), it is important to keep tabs on where the scammers go next, what they are doing next and who is helping them.

In the case of the Continental Wealth Management scam – headed up by Darren Kirby and purported to be the “sister” company to Stephen Ward’s Premier Pension Solutions – some of the scammers simply fled to Australia or other far-flung countries.  But, sadly, some of the scammers are now employed by other advisory firms.

We need to keep an eye on this situation to make sure that neither the scammers nor the firms for whom they now work get any business until the scammers are put back on the street/in prison where they belong.

These scammers have, between them, destroyed the retirement savings of hundreds of victims – costing them millions of pounds’ worth of pension savings.  Until and unless every last one of them is put in prison and the key thrown away, we all need to be vigilant of the scammers themselves and also the firms who are harbouring them.

One firm, Beacon Global Wealth, had inadvertently been harbouring ex CWM scammer Richard Peasley.  But when I advised them of his background, they sacked him within hours.  No argument; no hesitation.  I hope all other firms employing these vicious scammers will do likewise.


Darren Kirby – allegedly hiding in Australia.  Let’s hope he turns into a kangaroo and never gets a chance to scam any more victims out of their pensions




Richard Peasley – employed by Beacon Global Wealth but immediately sacked when they realised how many lives he had destroyed.  Congratulations to Beacon and their CEO David Vacani for doing the right thing so decisively!


Pension life shows an image of Dean Stogsdill - referred to as "Dogkill" by some - is an expert on how structured notes can decimate a pension fund. another pension scammerDean Stogsdill – referred to as “Dogkill” by some – is an expert on how structured notes can decimate a pension fund

Pension life shows an image of Neil Hathaway - referred to as "Hadaway" by some - is another expert on the structured note scam on pension and investment scamsNeil Hathaway – referred to as “Hadaway” by some – is another expert on the structured note scam




Antony Poole – employed by Woodbrook Group but sacked when he emailed all the ex CWM clients and tried to sign them up as Woodbrook Group clients

I will be updating this blog constantly as new information comes in regarding ex CWM scammers and where they are working now.

15 thoughts on “Ex Continental Wealth Scammers – where are they now?”

  1. All about targets

    The only checking an expat adviser firm will do at interview is ask for how much commission was milked from the previous clients. If it was shed loads of money, out comes the new contract. If the interviewee talks about doing the right thing, out the door he goes.

  2. Still prefer Dogstill. Working on a prototype.
    Seriously though, it looks like some of the scammers might have found a safe haven if only for a short time. The top man at Woodbrook may take a little convincing as he may feel that he has to justify his decision to take on these people. I guess that it is his problem if he allows pride to destroy the company that he has built. Some people have to wait until their underwear is aflame before they will accept that their house is burning down. I am happy to discuss my experiences with him as I guess that many other victims will be.
    Many people now know of the failure of CWM and the reasons for it. We, the victims, do not wish for the same thing to happen to other innocent, hard working and honest folk. It is no problem for me to tell the truth of my situation and to tell prospective clients that some of the senior guys from the organisation that destroyed my financial security during retirement now work for Woodbrook. I believe that many of the other victims feel the same way. There is no deception or untruth in that statement. It would be sad if Woodbrook became collateral damage on the way to hitting the wanted targets. There are casualties in any war. Just ask the victims of CWM.

  3. Alan Gorringe looks much older than in his wedding photos from 2015. Must be that the life style of excess that he managed while at CWM has taken its toll.

  4. Kirby in Australia. That continent is already plagued by the greatest number of poisonous species in the world and now another one arrives! Have a number of contacts in Oz. Will alert them. He’ll need a deep hole to hide in. Coober Pedy perhaps?

        1. Thank you Angie. Would definitely appreciate any information on his whereabouts. Have you dropped him a Christmas card? I was thinking of something else. Something more pagan in origin. The Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, was known to “draw a blood eagle” on the backs of those who betrayed him. Pity he is not alive now.

    1. Apparently he fled to Byron Bay to stay with his brother – with empty pockets and nothing except his booze and drug habit to show for years of scamming victims

  5. I should add that Coober Pedy in the Aboriginal language means “white man’s burrow”. White people built living places under ground to shield themselves from the extreme heat and unrelenting sunshine.

  6. Great summation one small detail for those devastated myself included
    The great cartoon can it be Kirby; I saw him.once about week back protesting his innocence, the cartoon in as much as Kirby is living the life of riley strutting around Pego buying drinks for all hurling verbal abuse at passers by just out doing their own
    And where the SPAINISH police opposite there office is opposite
    Where dose Kirby live, in Monte Pego just above bar Cove with his sister / brother and do you realise this so tough for the police in Pego to find not just Kirby but his sister or IS recorded and acting in concert in Alacali to seeze an elderly woman’s pension; neither Gorrenge or Kirby (Dawn) had and still have no license to practice!
    Now if we were “NATIONALS” I reckon the Spainish Police would through that arch in Monte Pego road pass bar cove and there three bears Kirby Darren,kirby Dawn,ALAN GORRINGE all one happy family
    But hey it’s an all English thing so yes Kirby is back for Cambodia I suppose the immigration computers were down, and now he has licence to practice in Nigeria! and leaving imminently
    So who ir what companies our there could be alerted !! and guess what I bet the airports that day the computers will have glitch
    Oh to be a SPAINISH national
    In short the whole crowd Patrick Dawn Alan Darren are and have in Monte Pego the stinger is a judge was also indirectly advised
    Four weeks back; officially the police say they can t find the addrress!!!

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