Pension Regulator Trustee Toolkit

The Pensions Regulator: Updated Trustee Toolkit

The Pensions Regulator is a UK body set up to regulate and aid occupational pensions. They follow legislative criteria and work to improve the administration of work-based pensions. They are a valuable resource for all parties involved with pensions; trustees, employers, pension specialists and business advisers.

Their latest innovation is the updating of their trustee toolkit.  It is based on the Pensions Act of 2004 and provides the minimum requirement for trustee compliance with this Act.

The new toolkit provides everything from self-assessment to online learning modules and downloadable resources.

The user needs to complete a login profile which gives access to all the information. It does lack some exact form of structure as to how you should complete the learning programme and there does not seem to be any form of certification on completion. Still, it is a valuable resource.

One would just wonder as to voluntary nature of this type of educational programme for trustees especially in light of how many trustees became ceding providers to scam liberation schemes.

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