Rogue "life" offices Quilter International, SEB and Generali (Utmost Wealth) now due to face trial in Spain for facilitating pension and investment scams.

Spanish litigation: Quilter Ireland, SEB and Generali

Life offices who caused the death of victims and their life savings/pensions, will now face proceedings in the Spanish civil courts. Pension Life’s proceedings against the defendants are due to be launched before Christmas 2020. The defendants will be Quilter International (Ireland), SEB and Generali (which has changed its name to Utmost Wealth). In the …

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International Adviser invites Pension Life to enter the Best Practice Adviser Awards in partnership with Quilter International

International Adviser Awards

International Adviser Awards create buzz around Quilter’s, FPI’s and RL360’s facilitation of investment fraud and scams. I am deeply flattered that International Adviser has invited me to enter for this year’s “Best Practice Adviser Awards”.  The invitation was sitting – sparkling like a princess – in my inbox this morning.  So, how could I refuse? …

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RL360 and FPI - a marriage made in hell for the victims of mis-sold, high-risk, unsuitable investments such as structured notes, LM, Axiom and Premier New Earth

RL360 and FPI – ’til death (or poverty) do us part

RL360’s acquisition of Friends Provident International may be set to ruin even more investors internationally. It will certainly increase competition with Quilter (or Skandia, or Ann Summers or whatever OMI are calling themselves this season). The biggest question – and one which International Adviser’s Kirsten Hastings forgot to ask RL360 David Kneeshaw when she interviewed …

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Hopeless, lazy and inept pensions ministers have failed to tackle pension scams for a decade

Pension Fraud Tax Epidemic

Britain has had a series of no-hoper pensions ministers. “Pensions minister” seems to be a position where peculiar people are stuck in – as square pegs in round holes – so they are out of the way and can’t do too much damage (as in challenging the government over its shameful failure to tackle pension scams).

Dean Stogsdill and Neil Hathaway of CWM leaving the Denia Criminal Court on 25th February 2020 after being cross examined on charges of fraud, disloyal administration and falsification of commercial documents.

CWM Criminal Case and Business Plan

This landmark Continental Wealth Management criminal case will inevitably shine a much-needed spotlight on the issue of offshore financial services generally. CWM was just one example (albeit an extreme one) of an international financial services culture which generally disadvantages and/or defrauds consumers. The cause of this culture is a combination of the obsession with the insurance bond cartel; the total reliance on (hidden) commission; the practice of churning (investing the same sum of money as often as possible to generate as much commission as possible) and the view that the client’s money and interests are secondary to the adviser’s.

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