We know Fast Pensions is a scam - but is Bridgebank Capital No. 5 kosher?


We know Fast Pensions is a scam - but is Bridgebank Capital No. 5 kosher?
Frantic with worry – the Fast Pensions victims now know their pension funds are being used for property loans.

Bridgebank Capital seems to be a bona fide property loan company – providing bridging and development finance. Nothing wrong with that.


But Bridgebank Capital No. 5 seems to be full of Fast Pensions money and locked into term loans secured on a variety of domestic and commercial properties.  Each charge refers to the trustees of four of the Fast Pensions schemes: DM1, FP1, EP1 and Leafield.  The trustees of each of these schemes are clearly identified at Companies House as Sara Moat and Martin Peacock.  (Interestingly, Sara Moat is telling victims that “the trustees” have to decide what happens to the pension monies – while hiding the fact that she is the trustee).

Of great concern is the fact that one of the borrowers, Clearclose, has gone bust owing the pension fund nearly £900k.

The Pensions Ombudsman has made 18 determinations against Fast Pensions – but Sara and Peter Moat of Fast Pensions have studiously ignored them.  I sent links to all of the background to Fast Pensions to Laurence Goodman of Bridgebank Capital on 6th August 2017:

Dear Mr. Goodman

It was good to speak to you on Friday.
First of all, may I say that I recognise that Bridgebank Capital is a bona fide finance company and I mean no criticism against you or your company in the summary I am setting out below.  I have tried to summarise the position in a bullet-point series of statements to make this as easy to understand as possible.
Once you have read and digested this, please can we start a dialogue about what happens next.  What the members need to know, is how much do these various loans/charges/mortgages in favour of the four Fast Pensions schemes realise when they mature, and what will happen to the money.  I realise you are restricted to an extent in terms of what you can tell me, but there are many Fast Pensions victims who will happily provide you with letters of authority as they are the beneficiaries of the pension schemes and have a legal right to know what has happened to their pension funds.
Best, Angie
* There are hundreds of members of various pension schemes (including DM1, FP1, EP1 and Leafield) run by Peter and Sara Moat of Fast Pensions – a pensions administration company.
* The Moats maintain they are not the trustees of the schemes.  Peter Moat (masquerading as “James Porter”) told me the trustee was a company called FP Scheme Trustees, of which one Jane Wright is sole director.  She was an employee of Moat’s at his former company Blu Properties in Javea which folded and it is believed she was paid to be the director of this company.
* The charges registered at Companies House for Bridgebank Capital No. 5 show all the loans as being in favour of Sara Moat and Martin Peacock (an associate of Peter Moat’s) as trustees of the Fast Pensions schemes.
* The various Fast Pensions schemes – including DM1, FP1, EP1 and Leafield – I believe are all bogus occupational schemes.  When I say bogus, what I mean is that they were not set up to provide genuine pensions for employees of a company which intended to trade and create jobs, but merely as a vehicle for a pension liberation scam.
* Peter Moat told me (while he was masquerading as a “James Porter”) that the underlying assets of the Fast Pensions schemes were “invested in Bridgebank Capital” and also in another loan company called Pamplona Capital Partners.  Clearly, having the underlying assets of a pension scheme solely “invested” in property loans is not acceptable.  A pension scheme is required to have low-risk, liquid assets as members have a statutory right to a transfer and need to be able to take their 25% tax-free lump sum at age 55, or retire or die.
* The Moats have failed dismally to communicate with the members or respond to transfer requests for a long period of time – causing considerable distress to the victims.  The Pensions Ombudsman has made a large number of determinations in response to complaints by the victims and has ordered Fast Pensions to allow the victims to transfer out and pay compensation for their distress.  These 18 determinations have all been ignored by Fast Pensions:
Needless to say, there is no evidence that the Moats have complied with any of these determinations and the victims themselves report that they have not.
* Alongside the pension transfers and lending of the pension funds to Bridgebank Capital No. 5, the Moats were operating pension liberation in the form of loans from Moat’s companies Blu Debt Management and Umbrella Loans.  Victims were told these loans were not connected to the pension transfers and would not be taxable.  HMRC is now sending out tax demands in respect of these loans.
* There are grave concerns about the Bridgebank Capital No. 5 loans for the following reasons:
1. We do not know what the total amount lent to Bridgebank Capital is
2. There are multiple loans to the same parties
3. One borrower is in liquidation
4, We do not know what the terms of the loans or the interest payable are
* The greatest concern is that if any part of the money is recoverable and is paid back into the control of the Moats, it will simply “disappear” again and not be available for the benefit of the members who are the ultimate beneficiaries.




  1. Oh Dear,

    On the board for them was FINNERAN, Gerard Patrick
    he has been seen with Moat on MANY occasions in Javea
    at the offices of Blu PRoperty Group / Deyse Investments S.L.

    Mr Finneran also runs FIRMUS UNSECURED LOANS LIMITED (08362876)
    where GOODMAN, Laurence Howard was the director, a bit of dubious directorship swapsies
    happening here.

    There are NUMEROUS – Firmus Bridgebank companies in Companies house – ALL LINKED TO
    Finneran and Goodman

    and there’s also this


    With –
    CHAPMAN, Ian Stuart ( A Moat Stooge )
    FULLER, Mark Anthony ( Shock Horror it’s him again )

    Which all bring us back to

    The whole thing STINKS like a SCAM !


    SOMETHING POSTIVE HAS HAPPENED??? Has somebody woken up and smelled the coffee??? Is this money safe from the various lowlife if a kind person has paid it?

    On the subject of Bridgebank and the ‘director-swapsies’ this news item from 2013 is of interest:-


    1. Yes, they have all been switched out. Too busy to speak to me to sort this scam out, but not too busy to switch out 37 loans.

    2. What is Going On?

      This could be disturbing too

      a) Paid back to the schemes that the Moats control.


      b) Loan taken over by another lender at short notice now the loans have been rumbled.

      The failure to respond by Goodman is nothing short of appalling behaviour.

      1. It is certainly not good. I was so hoping that Goodman was a good guy and just horrified that he had somehow got tangled up with the Moats and their scam. But clearly it now looks like he was part of it. There will of course be an audit trail and the loans will turn up somewhere else. Did he really think we wouldn’t notice? The Companies House records will still be there long after the loans were “satisfied” and the evidence that the loans were in favour of Sara Moat and Martin Peacock as trustees of the Fast Pensions schemes. Incidentally, Martin Peacock has not returned my calls or replied to my emails.

  3. I am yet another person who has a pension with fast pensions. My pension was invested for 5 yrs and this ends early October 2017.
    I emailed Sara moat to ask for this to be transferred out asap after this date. She said this might take a few weeks to do but a final statement would be sent to me early October. The government is due to cap transfer fees to 1% in October 2017 so there should be no huge transfer fees if the term has been reached.

    I don’t understand if this is the case and another pension provider is acting on my behalf that the money can not be transferred from one to the other. If not it is definitely fraud in this case.

    I will fight this to the bitter end if I don’t get this. Everyone of us should and the Government needs to ensure this doesn’t happen ever again.

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  5. I am a bit late in waking up to what is happening at Fast Pensions as i only realised anything was wrong when no statement arrived in August. As i am sure everyone will know i have had zero joy in trying to contact them and so i turned to the internet to see what was happening and was horrified to read everything. Really im here to ask for advice. My scheme is due to finish next year so i have not made any transfer request yet. What should i do next? do i go to the Ombudsman or the Pension Advisory Service? I would be grateful for any guidance you can give me.

    1. Alan, I’ve only just realised now what is going on with Fast Pensions due to tax bill from HMRC, I need to wait till April this year apparently before I can move it.

  6. I believe I am a victim of this scam as well as I have not heard from Fast Pensions despite repeated attempts to contact them. Is there any protection for our pensions? How do I complain?

  7. I have recently applied to transfer my fund of approx, £31k to another provider and keep being given what seem like very lame excuses as to why the process will take up to 5 months after initiating for my funds to be “converted to cash”. These people must simply not be allowed to get away with this fraud on a massive scale. Perhaps all of us members of the schemes they administered could all pool resources to bring a legal action against the Moats?

  8. I’ve got £85.000 waiting to be transferred since November 2017,so many lies and deceitful people.fraud squad have been investigating the moats and haven’t done a thing about this thieving couple.if you get in touch with Sara moat she doesn’t like your tone when you want your money.

  9. jonathan oldham

    I have secured a judgment against Goodman. His companies have ceased trading and in his proposed IVA he is citing a £2 million debt to Moat and Peacock

  10. Every charge at Companies House for all of Goodman’s customers was suddenly shown as satisfied in one go just like the instant ‘satisaction’ of the Fast Pensions loans.

    If (1) dealing with very dodgy folk (2) lending out innocent peoples’ pension pots to property developers without their knowledge and (2) allowing a co-director to actually borrow some of it himself are indicators of the quality of management, decision making and morality then it can be no surprise that the Bridgebank empire is now ‘belly up.’

    I see Goodman has registered three brand new companies late last year ……………….. isn’t it about time he gave up?

  11. Suzie Gillings

    I am also a victim of fast pensions I was advised to transfer my pension my pension of £35000 I was advised over a year ago I could take out a tax free lump sum and I’m still waiting and Sara moat is not replying to my emails.

    Surely they should not be able to get away with stealing peoples money as that is what they have done

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