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Dear Ros, A Pension Wish List

Your Christmas Pension Wish List!

Dear Ros,

Seasons greetings. We thought you might like to see what are the items, we at Pension Life, would like for this Christmas and the New Year.

No.1 We would like to see that HMRC implement a thorough Due Diligence strategy.

No.2 At Pension Life we feel that the Pensions Regulator’s (tPR) due diligence is also a very important requirement for pensions.

No.3 . The government needs to prosecute known pension scammers and give them maximum prison sentences to send out a clear message of “zero tolerance” of pension scams.

No.4 Toxic Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes commonly called UCIS to be investigated and “toxic” warnings to be issued. UCIS are not allowed to be sold by regulated advisers – e.g. Premier New Earth sold by (among others) Holborn Assets.


No. 5 Sanctions for ceding providers who handed over thousands of pensions in a negligent/box-ticking fashion.


No. 6 We at Pension Life want the Government to take an active interest in pension scams with immediate effect.


No. 7 A dedicated task force to be set up in the coming year.

That’s the Pension Life Christmas Wish List. If you would like to talk to us about pension matters we are always willing to listen. Check out other blogs on this topic:



Happy Christmas and let’s hope 2016 is a better year for pensions and that fewer victims will be ruined.




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