Fast Pensions – Slow Law Enforcement – Stationary Regulators – same old, same old.  Looks like the embarrassment of our hopeless, lazy and impotent regulators and limp law enforcement when it comes to financial crime has struck yet another blow for justice and another goal for the scammers in this case the Moats of Fast Pensions.


his case the Moats of Fast Pensions.

Pension Life Blog - The Moats - FAST PENSIONS - SLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT - STATIONARY REGULATORSThe Fast Pensions scam couldn’t have been much more obvious: a known scammer – Peter Moat of Blu Debt Management (one of the promoters of the Ark Pension scam and associate of Stephen Ward) had set up a very clumsy pension liberation scam.  It was loosely modeled on Ward’s Ark scam, but as Moat was clearly nowhere near as intelligent and crafty as Ward, it was screamingly obvious from square one that it was an outright fraud.

In fact, if you think about how the Moats got this scam got off the ground, it was the usual routine:

  • HMRC registered 15 occupations pension schemes (whereas with Ark it was 14)
  • The sponsoring employer had never traded, nor had any prospect of ever trading or employing anyone
  • The trustee firm, FP Scheme Trustees, had a sole director: Jane Wright. A young woman who worked as Peter Moat’s bookkeeper – with no experience in being a pension trustee and was only paid to be a “stooge” to keep Peter Moat’s name out of the scheme
  • Peter Moat’s main business was loans – personal and bridging

HMRC and the Pensions Regulator did nothing to check this obvious scam out.  All the might of Britain’s regulators and law enforcement stood by while, courtesy of the Moats, more than 400 people were defrauded out of their life savings – FAST PENSIONS – SLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT – STATIONARY REGULATORS.

Between November 2016 and May 2017, there were 18 complaints by Fast Pensions victims to the Pensions Ombudsman.  All 18 were upheld.  It was clear from the complaints and the Ombudsman’s determinations that the scheme was a scam and that the Moats, Peter and his wife Sara, were out and out fraudsters.

Pension Life Blog - The Moats - FAST PENSIONS - SLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT - STATIONARY REGULATORSStill, neither the regulators nor law enforcement agencies lifted a finger to stop the Moats: FAST PENSIONS – SLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT – STATIONARY REGULATORS, is the basis of this case.

The Moats remain living in luxury in their palatial villa in Javea on the Costa Blanca – driving around in their flash cars.  What paid for this gorgeous lifestyle was £millions stolen from innocent, hard-working British citizens – while the callous, lazy, impotent regulators and law-enforcement agencies stood by and watched.  

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  In my humble view, what is even worse is for hopeless and uncaring men to do worse than nothing: to pretend to be good men.

On this sad and disgusting topic, I will write no more – but leave this blog’s words to the son of one of the victims who attended the High Court hearing in the matter of the winding up petition by the Insolvency Service against Peter and Sara Moat, Fast Pensions, FP Scheme Trustees, the 15 bogus occupational pension schemes and Moat’s various loan companies.

Fast Pensions Victim
Fast Pensions Ltd.

Claimant: Fast Pensions Victim
(Fast Pensions Ltd DM1 Scheme member)
Fast Pensions Ltd

Manchester Court of Justice
Date: 30th May 2018 Time: 14:00.
Case Reference: Claim No XXXX of 2018.


In 2012 my father had a personal pension fund which had accumulated to over £XXXX as a result of him working hard and saving over a number of years.

In September of that year my father took a “cold call” from a gentleman representing a
consultancy firm called Capital Consulting. He was informed that by transferring his pension funds from the existing scheme to another pension scheme he would benefit in as much that he could withdraw 25% of his pension fund (tax-free) on the transfer and sign up to a Five-Year Fixed
Plan giving my father a fixed 5% bonus each year over the 5 years, and at the end of the 5
years could have a payout without any fixed penalties.

My father thought through this proposal, as there had been and still were serious issues with the Equitable regarding pension schemes, so my father arranged to have a home visit from Capital Consulting.

He listened to their proposals and then decided to accept the proposal.  My father signed into the DM1 Retirement Plan on the 4th. October 2012, the administrators were to be AC. Management & Administration Ltd, who at that time were based in Gorseinon, South Wales. A sum of over £XXXX was then transferred into the ACMA Client Account of Barclays Bank Cardiff.

On the 26th October 2012 my father received a letter from a Jane Wright (Pension
Processor) stating that the 5 Year Plan had now started with Fast Pensions.  Soon after signing up to the scheme some of the initial promises of the scheme did not materialise so my father made numerous phone calls on the one phone no. that was available 08453730569 which would transfer onto answerphone on most occasions.

My father’s main concern related to the following. “We have just recently developed a client
login area and this should be available shortly. This will enable you to track your pension.”

My father phoned regarding this facility and on the few occasions he managed to receive an
answer he spoke to Jane Wright who stated that there was IT issues but it would be up and
running shortly. My father is still waiting.

My father received annual statements for his DMI Retirement Plan for 2013/2014/2015.
My father did not contact Fast Pensions Ltd again until June 2015, when he applied
for a Flexi Drawdown Payment of £XXXX. The drawdown application was made on the 20th
June 2015. Legislation had been introduced in April 2015, whereby a member of a pension
scheme had the option of using this legislation to withdraw an amount from their pension
fund, so my father took up this option from Fast Pensions.

The drawdown application was made on the 20th June 2015. It was eventually paid out as
two payments. The first payment of £XXXX was paid in October 2015 as an interim payment
and the balance was paid on the 9th November 2015.

There are number of reasons why this took so long and for the money to be received. The
main reason was the total lack of communication from Fast Pensions.

Fast Pensions Ltd had, as already mentioned, one contact number which was an 0845
number which would obviously cost more than the standard rate to call often to be met by
an answering machine, and incidentally cost my father a large amount of money. When my
father did manage to succeed, it was from a Paul Bennett (Pension Administrator) who was
so unhelpful and uncooperative towards my father’s questions. He would often be met with
“I will have to speak to my manager Mr Gary Henderson and get him to come back to you”

During these months I personally spoke to Paul Bennett as he would often ignore calls from
my father’s mobile and found if I called from a withheld number he would accept the call. I
personally found Mr Bennett to be constantly unable to answer questions often just finding
excuses to the questions in which he was presented with. Mr Bennett on one occasion told
me he could not speak to me as I was not the policy holder. Mr Bennett was provided with a
letter of authority from my father to enable me to act on his behalf.

Owing to the lack of responses, my father asked Paul Bennett for Mr Henderson’s email or
telephone number but was told” it was not company policy to issues clients with direct
contact details.”

Throughout the period of time dealing with Mr Bennett there would be long delays between
his emails and responses so again adding to a further delay of dealing with the drawdown

My father was asked to return the completed application forms to the registered address in
London (being a “virtual address”). He duly sent the paperwork to this address to have it
returned to sender, so my father sent it again, this time by recorded delivery which was also
returned by the Royal Mail stating “no one is available to sign for it”. My father actually
spoke to Head of Operations at the Westminster sorting office to verify this. Mr. Bennett on
the rare occasion my father actually spoke to him, stated there had been problems but had
now been rectified. It certainly had not.

This was further evidence of a total breakdown of communication and excuses for not
dealing with my father’s request. Eventually Mr Bennett responded to this issue and issued
the forms again which were this time sent by e-mail. My father was then informed by Mr
Bennett that he had missed the deadline for the end of August pay run and he would not
receive it that month. The delays were simply down to lack of cooperation and
communication from Mr Bennett and Fast Pensions Ltd. At this point Fast Pensions paid an
interim payment of £XXXX as my father had repeatedly told Paul Bennett that he was
struggling financially.

He was later quoted by Mr Bennett that the balance of the drawdown payment would reach
his account by 30th September 2015, not surprisingly this did not happen. He did although
receive a payment slip with the current amounts of the drawdown, £XXXX gross and
£XXXX net. My father received the notification from the HMRC that Fast Pensions Ltd had
informed them of the payment, which my father finally received in full as already mentioned
by the 9thNovember 2015. I will point out at this time, that this transaction to the HMRC will
have been completed with an RTI. Note what occurs when Fast Pensions try to send the RTI
for the second drawdown payment.

On several occasions my father requested an explanation and apology for the total lack of
communication, payment delays, mal-administration, and mismanagement from Fast
Pensions Ltd. This was never received.

Owing to the serious issues concerning Fast Pensions my father decided to seek advice from
an independent regulated Financial Advisor. They highlighted various issues, including the
way the transfer from the Equitable to Fast Pensions had been organised.

At this time my father requested the paperwork from both Fast Pensions Ltd and the
Equitable Life regarding the transfer of funds. One of the main questions which came out of
the independent advice and requested from Fast Pensions Ltd was details of the pension
fund and the fund portfolio. My father never received this information.

Over the previous few months the worry, financial distress and health issues caused by Fast
Pensions Ltd was having an effect on my father, so he took a break before he applied for his
next drawdown payment.

On the 29th January 2016 my father contacted Fast Pensions Ltd to apply for his next
drawdown. He requested the payment after the 5th April 2016.  This was to give Fast Pensions
enough time to process the application and fall into the 2016/2017 tax year.

At this point we were aware of Fast Pensions Ltd being under investigation by South Wales
Fraud Squad. My father had provided South Wales Fraud Squad with several pieces of
evidence in relation to his dealings with Fast Pensions Ltd.

In February 2016 my father received several emails from Paul Bennet quoting that the
request was received and would be processed, but it was becoming evident that from the
end of February 2016, there was no answer from Fast Pensions Ltd and all communication
ceased. No emails or telephone calls were received from Mr Bennett from the end of
February 2016. On 23rd March 2016, my father received an email from DC. Andy Holmes of
the Economic Crime Unit who informed my father that Paul Bennett had terminated all links
with Fast Pensions Ltd and had left at the end of February 2016.

Mr. Bennett had quoted on his LinkedIn profile that he was employed by a company called
Jackson Wood from August 2014 until February 2016. (No mention of Fast Pensions) I then
decided to enquire about Jackson Wood Ltd and found a familiar name as the Director. Mr
Ian Stuart Chapman, who is also the director of

– Umbrella Loans. (07331044)
– Blu Financial Services Ltd. (05912973)
– Blu Debt Management (06699233)

My father was later made aware by DC Andy Holmes (Economic Crime Unit, Wales) that
Paul Bennett had been helping with enquiries in relation to Fast Pensions Ltd. He also
informed my father that Paul Bennet had left Fast Pensions Ltd without informing him.
From the period of Paul Bennet ceasing communication at the end of February my
father could not contact anyone at Fast Pensions.

My father, at a later date checked Mr Bennett’s profile and noted that he had
moved to a company called Silverene Administration of 50, Chorley Road, Bolton, BL1
4AP, (company no 09088060). He has again moved on and is now employed by a
company called Cranfords, Pension Administrators.

The Director of Silverene Administration Ltd is a Merle Oper who was also the founder
of Umbrella Loans Ltd from 2010-April 2014.

Mr Bennett provided my father with an email to contact Sara Moat
(sara.moat@blupropertygroup.com) surprisingly Sara Moat never replied to any of my
father’s emails.

My father did not receive any communication from Fast Pensions from February 2016
until May 2016. This was when he received a letter from Sara Moat informing my father
that Paul Bennett had left Fast Pensions (it had only taken three months for Fast
Pensions to mention this)) and due to his departure, they had experienced difficulties
and delays. Sara Grace Moat quoted in this letter that the ongoing request had been
sent to payroll department, and my father would receive confirmation of this within 14
days. My father is still waiting for that confirmation.

It was now becoming a very serious situation as all communication with Fast Pensions had
ceased and this was continuing to cause my father further stress, financial difficulties, and
ongoing health issues.

“If you believe that a firm has promoted or sold you a UCIS that is not suitable for you,
sold a UCIS to you unlawfully or without fully explaining the risks, you should make a
complaint to the firm involved”. (www.fca.org.uk)

Regarding the above reference from the FCA website, the amount of times me and
my father have complained about the conduct of Fast Pensions – it is all recorded and has
also being made available to those requesting it, i.e. Economic Crime Unit, Serious Fraud
Office and others.

After several requests for information on my father’s investment, including the
investment portfolio, and an up to date statement, I do believe that the reason you have
not made it available, is that it was put into a UCIS.

Therefore, I find myself alongside my father reading peoples experiences, comments
and consequences resulting from Fast Pensions. Not to mention the contact with the
Serious Fraud Unit and Economic Crime Unit who are all actively investigating Fast
Pensions. Hence the reason why my father and I openly and transparently discuss all
emails to them relating to Fast Pensions Limited.

Angie Brooks’ is also against the miss-selling of Pension Schemes which are sold by
introducers or untrustworthy IFA’s. In the case of my father was ill-informed and misled as
to the DM1 pension scheme and the fact is being an unregulated scheme, of which you
have admitted to in your IDRP response. I am only too aware of the risks with
unregulated schemes after several hours of research, because of my father’s experience
with Fast Pensions Ltd.

I am also aware of the relationship Angie Brooks has with the Pension Regulator, HMRC,
Insolvency Services and the FCA, and the assistance my father is giving to the Serious
Fraud Office. At this moment in time Fast Pensions Ltd and its Trustees have stated
nothing to defend or deny these comments, in fact they are simply adding to the negative
experiences the members are having with Fast Pensions.

The appellant’s statement descibed above is followed by more than 30,000 words describing the catalog of lies and obfuscation by the Moats and their associates, and the deterioration in his vicim’s health.  During this whole time, there were no arrests and no action by the regulators – FAST PENSIONS – SLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT – STATIONARY REGULATORS – disgusting all round!

The Insolvency Service has now, finally, placed the various entities involved into liquidation.  It remains to be seen whether any money will ever be traced and recovered from this scam.




  1. OMG! A sorry tale I can relate to.

    But the road is littered with hundreds of similar tales and same old scammers boiler plate!

    Law enforcement and regulators have the power but it seems not the will and it is not clear why.

    The last sentence “It remains to be seen whether any money will ever be traced and recovered from this scam.” is unjust. As pointed out in the article: “The Moats remain living in luxury in their palatial villa in Javea on the Costa Blanca – driving around in their flash cars.”

    One shouldn’t have to “trace” anything, the assets of the Moats’ should be liquidated and used to pay restitution to the victims and any remainder given to charity while at the same time allowing the Moats’ to enjoy the accommodation at Her Majesty’s pleasure! This is the least they deserve! personally I might also surgically remove certain appendages.

  2. I am also a victim of Fast Pensions courtesy of two Belfast criminals named Paul Gabriel Ferrin and Joseph Mc Partland of a now defunct business called TMT partnership. Firstly they tried to get me to invest in a business venture called Harlequin which ironically went bust in 2016, thinking this was dodgy, Ferrin at the last minute suggested I invest in a low risk venture with a double yield return on my investment, this is my childrens inheritance which was very clearly expressed to Ferrin and also that he would suffer the consequences should anything go wrong. To make matters worse a close friend researched this mess and discovered that I was listed as a director in one of their bogus firms that had me down living at an incorrect address in Belfast.On a Arabic website I have found Mr Ferrins home address in Belfast that he has tried so hard to conceal…guess what, if your reading this Ferrin and if my money is not returned I will be coming to your door and not leaving until I am paid in full either in cash or your life wont be worth living get the point!!! Don’t think about running as we will track you down..oh I forgot to mention these two rats have over a million in assets from their dissolved businesses..stealing from ordinary working people is despicable and the PSNI have also been informed…I hope you are sleeping uneasy in your beds as prison is just around the corner.

  3. Peter and Sara Moat now reside in a brand new villa in Denia, not far from Javea, where they ran ‘Blu Property Limited’. The address is Calle Baladre 14, Denia.
    Their daughter is at the private fee paying school ‘Alfa y Omega’ in Denia.
    Hopefully this is of interest to the hundreds of people trying to locate their pension funds….

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