1. Ian
    September 28, 2017 @ 8:07 pm

    Fantastic piece Angie but this is all utterly repugnant. We supposedly live in a civilised country and one would expect the Courts to help the victims of this scam rather than to give licence to solicitors to threaten them for repayment of moneys which they did not even know had to be repaid.

    Why are the victims in this position? Because they were lied to by greedy people with no morals or conscience at all.

    I do not know if we will ever have the satisfaction of seeing Stephen Ward behind bars but there are a couple of organisations who should be taking some action of their own:-

    1. Stephen Ward boasts of his qualifications. He must certainly be in breach of the codes of ethics of both the CII & PFS. His professional letters should be stripped from him. I am sure people have lost their letters for much less.

    2. I know Tolley’s guides have for years been respected and relied upon. It is entirely ‘non-credible’ that Ward should be allowed to continue to be the author of a guide on pension taxation. You simply could not make this up. If Tolley’s wishes to retain its good name going forward it should terminate Ward and apologise publicly for the error of judgement in contracting him in the first place.

    Ward cannot be a ‘knowledgable professional’ and ‘conman’ at the same time so let’s make sure he is seen by the world to be what he is…….CONMAN.


    • Pension Life
      September 29, 2017 @ 4:15 am

      I hear what you are saying – and the day of reckoning may be closer than we all think. In fact, one case – closely connected to Ward – is in court today. Watch this space on that. Also, I had a long chat with the Pensions Regulator yesterday which was very interesting.


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