Oceana Club run by Jody Smart and Franco Pearson

Jody Smart of CWM – courting justice

Jody Smart (or Bell or Kirby or Pearson) who was shareholder and sole director of CWM - Continental Wealth Management/Trust.  In court in Denia facing criminal charges.

Jody Smart (or Bell or Kirby or whatever name she uses now) appeared in the Criminal Court in Denia on 1st October 2019. As one of the group of defendants in the fraud trial – including her former partner Darren Kirby (who didn’t turn up) – she testified about her involvement in the £100 million Continental Wealth Management/Trust (CWM) investment scam.

CWM – of which Jody was shareholder and sole director – collapsed at the end of September 2017.

The event was covered by journalist Joshua Parfitt of The Olive Press newspaper https://issuu.com/theolivepress/docs/online_issue_a/1?e=1186741/73089185 and was a relatively low key affair in the Denia Court Number 3 . Jody’s ex boyfriend Darren failed to show (no surprise there). The only entertainment on offer for anyone watching (and hoping for some sign that justice will be done) was her current beau, Franco Pearson, shouting “fucking scumbag” in the court waiting room.

Franco Pearson of Oceana Club, current boyfriend of Jody Smart (or Bell or Kirby or Pearson) who was legally responsible for Continental Wealth Management/Trust.

This particular criminal case involves not just the investment scam itself, but also some previously-unknown anciliary scams involving bogus property transactions and false promises of shares in CWM in exchange for hard cash.

One of the complainants – Mark D – had handed over his final salary Shell pension (worth £415,000) plus a further £140,000 to Jody’s company: CWM. Mark was told he would be given a 5% shareholding in the company and that it was worth £10,000,000. Jody’s then boyfriend, Darren Kirby, had promised Mark the shares in return for £400,000 – and told him the money was going to be used to prop up the ailing company and also be invested in Jody’s fashion business. Mark D – who lost not just his pension but his house – developed severe depression and diabetes which he struggled to manage. After being left penniless by Jody and Darren’s CWM scam, he died alone in August 2019.

In the Denia court, Jody confirmed she was the sole director of Continental Wealth Trust (formerly Continental Wealth Management). The company held no license to provide either insurance or investment advice – and was selling life (death) bonds illegally; provided by rogue companies such as Old Mutual International, SEB and Generali. She stated it had not been possible to close the company because there had been so many debts. This comes as no surprise as Darren had paid £1.3 million to victims as compensation for investment losses, and had also pumped £500,000 into the Jody Bell fashion business. The court was also told that Jody had been paid 12,000 Euros a month by CWM.

In court, Jody denied holding any position in CWM and stated that she had no financial qualifications. But here I start to wonder whether, perhaps, something got lost in translation. In previous interviews, Jody had openly boasted about running CWM and also the sister operation Female Wealth Management. She claimed to have made £13 million out of financial services.

Jody also stated in the Denia Court that she had never had anything to do with the company or the clients (perhaps she was paid 12,000 Euros a month just to look glamorous in reception?). However, in a previous t.v. interview she had stated that her role was “to expand the company and see where we could go forward.  Bring the best people on board to work for us“.

In the same interview, Jody had expanded on CWM’s activities: “We offer the whole package for expats.  Advising on the investment of funds.  We also do a pension release.  There is a scheme where we can release  your pension from the UK.  Obviously, we’ve been very successful with that.  Being in the climate that we’re in at the moment, there are a lot of people, unfortunately, who can’t pay their mortgages or their private school fees. 

Its like saying “we’re  gonna give you money and its not gonna cost you anyfink.  Obviously, we can just change your life really”.

She was clearly referring to the Evergreen pension liberation scam in which more than 300 people certainly had their lives changed by losing their pensions and getting 50% loans from Stephen Ward’s Delaware-registered finance company Marazion. CWM did all the cold calling and administration for this scam – from which Ward earned 10% of the overall £10 million worth of pensions transferred into the bogus New Zealand-based QROPS run by Simon Swallow and Kenji Stevens.

Far from not costing the victims “anyfink”, 300 people are now being pursued for repayment of the Marazion loans and have lost the other 50% of their pensions left in Evergreen, which is now being wound up. They also face 55% tax charges on the 50% loans as unauthorised payments.

Jody was apparently (according to the court transcript) asked in court if she knew anything about the CWM business of which she was the sole director. She replied “no” and that Darren told her she could be a director along with him as she spoke Spanish, that he wanted to protect her and that it was going to be good for her.

So this leaves me wondering: was Jody lying in her recorded interviews which she used to promote CWM and her Jody Bell fashion business, or was she lying in court?

After testifying that everything had been Darren’s fault, that he had manipulated her and killed her mum’s chickens, Jody refused to answer any further questions.

So with no further answers from Jody Smart/Bell/Kirby/Pearson, we can only listen to the evidence provided by her in her video interviews. She is portrayed as the director of the CWM wealth management company and is worth an estimated £13m.  She has a stunning house in Spain (currently up for sale for 760,000 Euros), a fleet of fast cars, a diamond ring as big as a door knob worth 39,000 Euros, and an impressive limited edition Jimmy Choo collection. 

In one video interview, Jody started to describe how she had invested a lot of money in her fashion business and that after only six months the sales were “phenomenal”; that with her hard work and sheer determination……(here she pauses as a waiter brings a bottle of champagne)….

Full of bubbly, Jody goes on to state that she didn’t doubt herself – that her ambition (which came from a burning desire inside her) would help her succeed. Her conclusion was that she just knew she was “gonna reach the stars”.

Of course, victim Mark D had no idea how quickly he was going to “reach the stars”. Furthermore, there are hundreds of other CWM victims who are afraid that they too will meet a similar fate: dying – starving and penniless.

But I have faith in Jody – because she is very enthusiastic about her charitable works. She is on record, in one of her t.v. interviews, as saying:

“We done a lotta charity work.  I’m lucky. There aren’t a lotta people as fortunate as what I am.”

Jody Smart's magnificent Spanish villa - on sale for 760,000 Euros (hopefully to help pay back some of the victims of her company CWM who lost their life savings)

Jody’s magnificent house is on the market for 760,000 Euros – and I get a sneaking feeling that she is flogging this pile of real estate full of glamorous furniture in order to help the victims of the CWM scam. In her t.v. interview she stated: “I like to help people.  It’s in me.” So, hopefully, the 760,000 Euros will go towards helping some of the people who have been financially ruined by her company.

It is, of course, too late for Mark D. One of the things that killed him was the fact that he couldn’t afford to eat properly – and this is particularly dangerous for people who are suffering from diabetes. But there is hope for others – Jody has set up a facility to feed those who can’t afford to eat because her company scammed them out of their life savings: The Oceana Club near Calpe.

Rather more glamorous than the run of the mill soup kitchen, those who have lost their life savings and are in need of a hot meal will – I feel sure – be warmly welcomed at The Oceana Club. Hopefully Jody’s boyfriend Franco will embrace this charitable initiative just as warmly as he welcomes the CWM victims with a greeting rather more gentlemanly than “fucking scumbag”.

8 thoughts on “Jody Smart of CWM – courting justice”

    1. That could be arranged. Poor lamb has clearly never had an opportunity to express her sorry she feels for the victims – from whom she benefited handsomely.

  1. Wow , absolutely incredible lies from Angie Brooks the lady who has conned the same people who have lost their pensions requesting 1500€ per person to help them, I also lost my pension with CWM.
    I set up the OC 8 months before I met Jody and have been raising money for charity since I was 9 years old. Almost a million . Angie Brooks corresponded with myself and spent over 75 mins talking to me on the telephone where she had manipulated the truth for her own gain and to warrant her fee. Documentary evidence has been given to the court and I would urge that the true findings of this case is found before libel and slanderous remarks are made. My remarks were in my opinion were founded, they were directed to Alan Gorringe who was the financial director of CWM and had the power of attorney of all the bank accounts including Jody, in addition he was the person I met and convinced me to transfer my pension to CWM . He stated that CWM was a long established and trustworthy company. Under 2 years later the company collapses & he and Darren flee to Australia. Yes, I met Jody and I love her and taken on the burden of this saga, but don’t make assumptions. I am not going to state all the evidence but I have no problem meeting the genuine people whom have lost their pensions etc
    Face to Face so if any of you would like to arrange a meeting I am happy to comply .
    I am really upset with Angie as she has taken the truth and manipulated it to her advantage. There is no need to do this. It is bad enough without causing further manipulated lies . I know most will read this and say I am defending my partner, but I am defending the facts and not a scapegoat for Darren and Alan. You can make up your minds. So any of you who genuinely would like to meet me please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

    1. It is really interesting that the scammers always attack me. Franco is keen to mention the fee that I charge to help Jody’s victims. But he doesn’t mention the fee that Jody charged for her part in operating this scam – which caused 1,000 people to lose around half their life savings of £100 million. Jody charged
      1 million Euros in the last two years (before CWM collapsed), plus 288,000 Euros as her salary. In return she promoted the business, recruited staff and operated pension liberation fraud. It would be really constructive if Franco itemised the “incredible” lies he is claiming have been printed. So, my invitation to him is: copy and paste the entire text of the blog and then insert details of all the lies he can find. And I will publish it as another blog – word for word. I can’t say fairer than that.

  2. What an incredible reaction to the 1000s of messages etc to the devastating news of the Oceana Club being flooded out by Storm Gloria! They wrote ‘Shame we don’t get that response when we post nice views that would help our business’. It set me thinking .. what about helping them by saying “I have a 240k pension ……….” but no, of course, they have already laid their thieving, grubby hands on it already. So looking forward to 24th, 25th and 28th February 2020!

    1. Actually, Nigel, I am wondering whether Jody and Franko will now finally realise the enormity of what CWM did to hundreds of victims. How Jody’s company destroyed a lot more than a dining terrace – which can be replaced and is probably insured. Let us not forget that Jody profited enormously from the crimes committed by CWM and yet she has given nothing back. Maybe now her conscience will be pricking her at last?

    1. Am writing up the translated transcripts of the cross examination of the defendants and hope to publish these very soon.

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