1. Stephen
    August 15, 2018 @ 6:27 am

    What I really love about Angie Brooks is she is the ONLY person in the world willing to stick her neck out and invite the pond life to “make her day” as she puts it. In Angie, victims get a voice. IF it weren’t for Angie, victims would be completely hidden, silenced by the slime willing to spend victim’s money on two-bit lawyers threatening them. I don’t know how she copes with the constant threats but I take my hat off to her. I could not do it.

    However, I do have a small correction to the above, from recent research and discussion with the Dutch regulator.

    Above Angie reports: “His “adviser” was David Vilka from a firm called Square Mile International Financial Services. This firm had an insurance license but no investment license. ”

    At the time the firm was Aktiva Wealth Management and later (in June 2015) it changed its name to Square Mile International Financial and recent research has discovered Aktiva had NO licence whatsoever – even to sell dog insurance! Something my ceding provider could have checked, taking just 5 minutes, but didn’t, claiming there was no legislative requirement to do so despite the Scorpion guidelines established for 2 years when I requested a transfer. Here’s the proof:-

    Here is the redacted LoA submitted to Mercer in January 2015:


    Note the statement that Aktiva are registered with the Czech National Bank. Here is the record from the CNB:

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OiGatzgf16lSYdbA5YSYhrxGOLB3xCsT – note that Aktiva were NOT registered until 5th May 2015.

    Therefore at the material time, Aktiva were NOT registered with the CNB! This is fraudulent misrepresentation.

    Moreover, the statement regarding operating under the WWB licence? I have asked the Dutch regulator and they confirmed WWB only had an Insurance licence – NOT investment or transferring pensions but further, they say it is not permitted for one company to use another’s licence for its own activities. Something my ceding provider should have KNOWN, questioned AND warned me!

    So all you two-bit lawyers wanting to represent Vilka – be aware that I have irrefutable written evidence of fraudulent misrepresentation in loads of documents – the LoA, emails and letters – from him! So stick that up your defamation claim!

    Neither Vilka nor his lawyers have ever produced one iota of hard evidence he was EVER licensed anywhere in the EU, to give investment advice or transfer pensions – just pathetic assertions. Come up with some evidence or crawl back under the stone you came from!

    There is also NO evidence that Investors Trust were permitted to sell their product(s) anywhere in the EU at the material time – when you look for them in member state’s registers there is no record. A complaint I levelled at the receiving QROP and the MFSA – but I don’t know what they did about it because neither answered that issue!

    I would hazard a guess the “hundreds” of other victims in the Hong Kong QROP might similarly have fraudulent LoA’s and their ceding providers didn’t check either. Following the recent Ombudsman’s ruling in the case of Mr. N this fact could be significant.

    What would be useful to me would be a template for a good Ombudsman complaint …. in fact useful to all victims about to submit a complaint against their ceding provider. – Mr. N – any chance of a template – a little guidance what to put in it, structure, headings etc?


  2. Stephen
    August 15, 2018 @ 8:17 am

    By the way, for those who don’t know, Vilka is the spiv on the right. Moreover, who wears gold chains these days? That is so yesterday.

    The grape vine has it this was an expense paid trip by IT for these spivs selling the most “bonds”, I think in a period in 2015/16 – not sure the exact dates. Given the evidence I have on the activities of these spivs it probably explains why IT want the picture removed. Maybe IT are an OK company, unwittingly drawn into an organised pension scam, who knows? IT did let me out of the bond early, waived their early exit penalty and refunded all the admin charges just like the Maltese trustee did. It is possible they don’t want reminding of their association with these pond life. The jury is still out on that one. It really depends what they and the Maltese trustee are doing to help those still locked in? I have no intelligence on this until others come forward.

    As explained above, these “bonds” were sold for one purpose only – to get unsuspecting innocent people to transfer their pensions offshore, out of FCA jurisdiction, for the enrichment of others and Investors Trust facilitated this operation.

    The mistaken belief by these spivs was that by selling this useless bond they operated within regulatory permissions but the FCA have confirmed that is not true. Moreover there is no evidence that at the material time IT were licensed to sell their product anywhere in the EU – they aren’t on member state’s registers!

    Moreover, in that period (2015) the receiving QROP, Optimus Retirement Benefit Scheme No.1, whose trustee was in Malta, reported c.1100 new members in 2015 alone – circa 100 per month! – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p3YAiGdOQBbO32TrIYn_4XMOdhUwPcBZ

    The “introducing” company in my case was Aspinal Chase – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BsdzCWHeUCUcwOD_TUpxDV8XzTONv8gY – owned by the infamous Nunn & McCreesh – also directors of Blackmore Global, an opaque unregulated fund registered in IoM – https://services.gov.im/ded/services/companiesregistry/viewcompany.iom?Id=330968 that in June 2016 had assets of £17m – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NG7FLVozQRowxGmtcZ6ufe7yN6jhWVm2 – so you can probably deduce at least one of the funds the c.1100 member’s money probably went!

    The bonds however drain your pension in admin charges, coupled with the annual 2.5% management charge for the Blackmore fund, your pension was/is being sucked dry and you get locked into it for 10 years! A nice little earner for everyone but the innocent victim! Explains the stupid grin on their faces!

    If it looks like a spiv, dresses like a spiv and lies like a spiv – guess what ….


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