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  1. Stephen
    October 17, 2018 @ 6:36 pm

    Oh dear, here we go again…. “However, those who follow our blogs will know that the terms “structured products” and pensions together, makes us shudder with horror.” followed by this “Whilst I have a queue of trolls telling me that structured notes are “not all that bad”

    I can’t say I have ever been described as a “troll” and I have to say I am shocked!! One thing I have over the writers of this blog is I can relate to the victims – been there, done it and got the scars!! But I am obsessed by “accuracy” in reporting and I keep saying the FCA permit structured products to be promoted to retail clients by – oh, here is the key to this, wait for it… – [UN]REGULATED IFA’s.

    Oh wait, maybe this is the common denominator – it’s not the ASSET that’s the problem, it’s the bar stewards promoting them! You keep dissing the asset when in fact it’s the unregulated scum persuading the victims to invest in the high risk “asset” – whatever it may be!

    Property is considered a safe asset – except when it’s not. For example, Cape Verde ( https://www.lovemoney.com/news/51956/action-fraud-warning-cape-verde-investment-pension-scam ). I don’t see you dissing “property” as an investment! However, when property is sold “fraudulently” by unregulated “advisers” then that becomes the scam – not the asset. ALL scams have some th,ings in common – unregulated advisers and “fraudulent misrepresentation” about the asset and the HIGH RISK structured product is yet another example of fraudulent misrepresentation marketing. But there are also “ok” structured products, legally promoted by regulated IFA’s in the UK in the same way there are legally promoted “property investments” recommended as assets in pension portfolios.

    Your ignorance in this area does not give these blogs any credibility. In fact quite the opposite! And your only defence for your ignorance seems to be to call anyone that disagrees with you a troll rather than research your material correctly! Shocking!!!

    I guess I need to stop coming here. Not good for my blood pressure.


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