1. Stephen
    September 2, 2018 @ 4:21 am

    Crikey! Don’t hold back then. 😉


  2. Stephen
    September 2, 2018 @ 7:21 am

    Ah, guess what I found? This really irritates me I have to say. The FCA and Action Fraud are utterly impotent and useless in my opinion.

    It appears the two spivs reported here: https://pension-life.com/square-mile-international-financial-services-qualified-and-registered/ and also here: https://pension-life.com/serious-violation-of-investors-trust-by-investors-trust-life-office/ are operating under the brand name of Aston Advisory Services here: http://astonadvisoryservices.com/

    In the footer you will discover they work with Angie’s besties: OMI, Investors Trust, and LillyWhite, the latter reported here https://pension-life.com/not-so-square-mile-and-far-from-lilly-white/ as being not so Lilly “White” but described as a grubby shade of grey ….

    AND it appears selling Angie’s favourite product: Stuctured Notes via regulated firms listed on their page here: http://astonadvisoryservices.com/structured-notes/

    One thing to note, those firms listed, are authorised by the FCA to deal with clients types “eligible counterparties” – whatever that means – and “professional”. Doesn’t look like they are authorised to deal with “retail clients”. I wager these structured notes will get sold to “retail clients” via the usual useless intermediaries like OMI or Investors Trust using Life Assurance Bonds that drain your investment in charges and provide zero added value other than to “fool” the providers of the structured notes they are trading with “professional clients” – but I bet it doesn’t fool anyone really. I wager everyone knows the plan. Certainly the Life Offices must surely know the bonds have no value whatever to the individuals they get sold to but is nothing more than a cash cow to the Life Office for zero risk.

    That’s how these operations are orchestrated. It makes an awful lot of money for the intermediaries but no one else! It’s money for old rope. Do your research or it will end in tears, trust me! Barge Poles spring to mind ….

    It seems the Structured Note has become the New Black! Exit stage left the old favourites like car park spaces, storage pods and the like, and enter the “Structured Note”.

    It is also to be noted that the website says Aston Advisory Services is a “brand name” of Square Mile Financial Services who, by the way, are limited to Insurance Mediation ONLY, everywhere in the EU including the UK – I guess until March 29th 2019 when all bets are off presumably – who knows?

    They are, therefore, not authorised to give investment advice or advise on pension transfers. So the advice YOU get MUST be from a properly authorised FCA adviser and not the infamous David Vilka who isn’t FCA regulated for investment advice or pension transfers. If you do NOT get advice from an FCA authorised adviser you will NOT get access to the FCA Compensation Scheme or Ombudsman Services when things go tits up – as I discovered the hard way!

    Do not fund their trips to Vegas! If it looks like a spiv, talks like a spiv and dresses like a spiv then guess what ….


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