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  1. Stephen
    March 23, 2019 @ 6:22 pm

    Does KIM actually look at my comments? She continually makes errors that is really frustrating me!!!
    “Blackmore Global used to promote their very expensive Blackmore Global Bond.” Blackmore Global PCC is NOT the same legal entity as Blackmore Bond plc that was the subject of Bondreviews article and I made a comment as such but yet again Kim insists on mixing them up! The statement Blackmoore Global promotes their very expensive Blackmoore Global Bond is just frustrating in the extreme. Angie, please get her to research and understand THE FACTS before publishing garbage! She is doing more damage than good by being so ignorant – and she is supposed to be a professional journalist! Come on Angie you can do better than this.

    Sort her out or sack the woman! She isn’t worth paying imho – she isn’t learning!


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