1. Stephen
    August 30, 2018 @ 5:57 am

    I am the undisputed “expert” on this company and the pond life that run it and you would have been wise to involve me in this blog and it would have been a much better – and more accurate – account. I will of course comment shortly – as I am sure you no doubt expected.


    • Angie
      August 30, 2018 @ 12:05 pm

      Stephen, I would never challenge your leadership in terms of being an expert on Square Mile in particular and pension scams in particular. You should be celebrated and respected as such, and I very much look forward to your comments which we will, of course, incorporate into the blog. I have no doubt that David Vilka will be most grateful for any improvement in the accuracy by you.


  2. Stephen
    August 31, 2018 @ 6:41 am

    I have little doubt the pond life will attempt yet another legal threat against Angie for this blog. However, here are some irrefutable facts to add to the article.

    The first error in the article is the statement UCIS’s are illegal for UK “residents” – this is not true. I could be a sophisticated or High Net Worth UK resident and participate in UCIS’s to my hearts content. The thing that is unlawful is the invitation to UK retail clients to participate in UCIS’s.

    I make no apologies just how complex this next bit gets but the pond life have deliberately obfuscated the situation and it is, imho, important for people – plus any 2-bit lawyers thinking of asserting yet another defamation claim – to see exactly how these people work.

    Firstly, the web page in the article refers to Square Mile Financial Services, a separate legal entity to Square Mile International Financial (“SMIF”)! The pond life actually own both and seem to interchange them whenever it suits them. However, there is no record these two companies have any legal ties until 29th Dec 2015 when it seems SMIF became a “partner” of the other.

    SMIF began life as Aktiva Wealth Management (“AWM”), on 22nd May 2014, then changed its name to Square Mile International Financial on 11th June 2015, and changed its name again on 15th Nov 2017 to Michalska Holding sro. So in effect, SMIF no longer exists, it’s now Michalska Holding sro. What it’s doing now, I have no idea but before doing business with Michalska Holding, I advise you research its provenance –

    On the Letter of Authority (“LoA”) given to my ceding provider Mercer, in January 2015, Aktiva made the claim they were registered with the Czech National Bank (“CNB”), However the CNB record shows they were not registered until 5th May 2015 – and by the way only as Insurance Agents! Also, note, their legal tie is with SMIF – not Square Mile Financial Services – that was not registered with the CNB until 12th June 2015. So at the material time, the LoA makes fraudulent misrepresentation, which by the way Mercer did not pick up on because they couldn’t be arsed to check it despite the 2 year old Scorpion Campaign!

    My guess is many of the victims Angie is dealing with will have dealt with AWM and may likewise have similar LoA’s with fraudulent misrepresentation.

    So that’s the company background.

    Now for Vilka. In an email to me 29th May 2016 he said “…I am qualified to UK adviser standards and have ifs Level 4 diploma for Financial Advisers and Professional Certificate in Banking.” I have no idea whether he holds these qualifications or not.

    His LinkedIn profile shows he worked for Halifax – who merged with Bank of Scotland in 2001, from 2008 to 2015 but the FCA record (under History) shows he was at BoS – as CF30 – from 2008 to 2012. A 3 year discrepancy. I asked the FCA for clarification but they said I would have to ask the Halifax who they get their information from. I believe the FCA record if I’m honest, because I know who wrote the LinkedIn profile – the same guy, who said in an email to me on 27th May 2016, “… I do not appreciate being called a liar” – seriously? – and in the same email tried telling me my pension was only down £3000 when in actual fact, at the material time, it had lost £30,000 and was haemorrhaging at an alarming rate! I wonder if the sky is a different colour on his planet?

    It was not just Blackmore Global that victims got invested in. Pension-life reported on an email from Ferguson dated Aug 2015, describing the business strategy – – which states a proportion is invested in Nunn & McCreesh’s Blackmore Global when introduced by Aspinal Chase, and Manish’s Christianson Property Capital when introduced by Manish’s firm. Christianson Property Capital – – has been reviewed here by Bondreview: and there are some follow blogs by bondreview.

    Both AWM and SMIF are also referenced by Ferguson’s email.

    So qualified and registered? Well, there is no evidence of qualifications other than Vilka’s assertions and SMIF was registered with the CNB for Insurance Mediation ONLY, not giving investment advice nor transferring pensions. However, when SMIF began life as Aktiva Wealth Management they weren’t even registered to do that until 5th May 2015! Further, inviting retail clients to participate in Unregulated Collectives is unlawful.

    If it looks like a spiv, dresses like a spiv and lies like a spiv – guess what …


  3. Actually Qualified
    September 1, 2018 @ 6:52 am


    What an excellently researched comment.

    I think I can answer one point that you have raised. The reason someone ”may” wish to extend their FCA regulation on their Linkedin profile revolves around what happened on 01/01/2013. This was the day the Retail Distribution Review came into force in the UK. These new rules, among many other many others, had two important changes

    1. A minimum level qualification at level 4 diploma (NVQ)
    2. A ban on commission for investment products

    This had the desired affects of ridding the UK market of those not competent to get qualified and those that sold commission products. There was a big of an exodus offshore for those that could not meet the standards/wanted commission.

    When dealing with an adviser that was on the FCA register up to December 2012 only, treat this as a red flag. I am guessing this individual has extended his actual date of regulation to hide this red flag. Perhaps he can come onto this forum and enlighten us?


    • Stephen
      September 6, 2018 @ 11:16 am

      Thank you.

      I agree. That quite likely is the reason for “extending” their FCA regulation in a LinkedIn profile. However, from where I’m sitting, it’s fraudulent misrepresentation when used to claim they are qualified and authorised to give investment advice and transfer pensions.

      Vilka often comes to view Angie’s blogs, then pays some 2-bit lawyer to write to her, claiming he is qualified, done nothing wrong, been reviewed by regulators in various jurisdictions blah blah blah, then accuses her of defamation, but it all fades away when they are asked to put some hard evidence on the table. To date they have provided none. I dislike these people intensely!


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