1. Stephen
    April 12, 2019 @ 7:46 am

    Phillip Nunn isn’t an adviser and has never purported to being one. The adviser in league with Nunn & McCreesh and the Blackmore Global fund that many victims transferred their pensions into was David Vilka of Square Mile International Financial.

    It would have been more accurate to picture David Vilka – https://pension-life.com/not-so-square-mile-and-far-from-lilly-white/ – and – https://pension-life.com/square-mile-international-financial-services-qualified-and-registered/ – the latter written by Kim!

    “I can honestly say that before I started this job, I knew very little about pensions and how they work.” – you still don’t.

    “At Pension Life, we are dedicating our time and words to help educate and inform you about pensions.” – Sisyphean task.

    “Potential” victims don’t read it. I seriously doubt these blogs are read by people about to be scammed but rather by people already finding themselves a victim, or by people “involved in the pensions industry” – like Henry Tapper for example and of course by the scammers themselves! I am not aware of any blog getting a comment from a potential victim thanking the site for a narrow escape …. I doubt you have “saved” anyone from falling for a scam. Coupled with the useless, impotent authorities this site is just a thorn in the side of the scammers but hardly delivers any fatal blows to their activities. The new black for scammers is a move into the mini bonds and, looking at the prolific blogging by bondreview – https://bondreview.co.uk/ – the scamming business is thriving, making the likes of the few – e.g. Phillip Nunn – rich beyond measure at the expense of financial ruin for the many.

    “We have put together ten essential standards that we believe every financial adviser and their firm should adhere to. Make sure you read the blog and ensure your financial adviser can meet these standards. If he can´t – find one that can.”

    According to one comment to a blog at Bondreview, these mini bonds – the new black for scammers – are not being sold by “advisors” so the top ten essential standards could well be irrelevant. The new method adopted for fleecing the vulnerable doesn’t use “advisory” firms – qualified or not.

    What would be useful would be if, in cooperation with bondreview, the new scamming mechanism was opened up and the perpetrators called out – bondreview doesn’t have the courage to go all out like this site does, for fear of litigation, not something that has ever stopped Angie.

    Are these mini bonds being purchased from pension transfers via SIPPS or QROPS and who is giving the unregulated advice?

    The scammers have got ahead of the game and pension-life.com appears to have fallen behind.

    LCF has turned out to be a PONZI scheme of immense proportion and seems only to have got on pension-life’s radar in March of this year! Bondreview reviewed it in Dec 2017, https://bondreview.co.uk/2017/12/15/london-capital-finance/

    A year ago, Angie reported on Paul Careless of Surge Financial – https://pension-life.com/blackmore-bond-shaken-not-stirred-careless-or-stupid/ – in connection with a bait-and-switch tactic to the benefit Blackmore Bonds. bondreview was the first to uncover that story but took it down following litigation threats from Surge, Angie also received same pathetic threats but called their bluff. That’s what Angie is good at.

    Surge continues to get 20% commission for promoting high risk, unregulated mini bonds – including LCF and Blackmore Bonds. I can’t help feeling these website promotions of unregulated bonds contravenes FCA rules. I can’t help feeling the investors are retail clients and I can’t believe there isn’t some “advice” given somewhere in the process by someone.

    There is a synergy here, between Angie and Brev, that I believe could be favourably exploited. There needs to be much more focus on the companies promoting these mini bonds. Surge is clearly a big player in this market and more scrutiny is needed.

    Could Careless be the new Ward, Hadley or Vilka/Fergusson?


    • Brian T
      May 13, 2019 @ 4:51 pm

      Stephen, as far as victims of pension scammers go, you’re one of the lucky ones who got back most of their money. There are thousands scattered around the globe who haven’t been as fortunate. I’ve tried to help many but few have found any justice at all and the known scammers just carry on as before.

      You comment regularly on this website, so presume you read every post. I don’t know what your level of knowledge is, but for many of us who’ve seen the carnage over more than a decade, surely the constant elephant in the room, even to you, is the absence of deVere’s name alongside their partners in crime like Generali, RL360, OMI and the like. Until deVere and Nigel Green are listed on this website alongside these scammers, Pension-Life deserves no credibility. Angie has never answered questions on her relationship with deVere and why she never ever mentions them. They’re to pension transfer scams as Queen Elizabeth is to the Royal Family – THEE top dog!

      Karma is a terrible thing and Angie will feel the full force if she doesn’t disclose the truth …. or change. It’s never too late for that.


  2. Robert Gill
    April 22, 2019 @ 10:43 am

    Absolutely agree with the comment. Great work is done by this site, but now the pension transfer loopholes are finally being closed, the scammers have moved onto direct to consumer unregulated product promotion using Fakebook ads and fake five star reviews. Uk regulated financial advisers involved in pension transfers into unregulated investments will largely be covered by the FSCS and FOS. It’s the unregulated products themselves that are the problem. All financial products should be approved by a regulator before being sold to retail investors.


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