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  1. D Morris
    January 31, 2019 @ 3:37 pm

    The ‘fake’ financial advisor (not licenced for pension advice) who claimed to be working for Global Pensions (later Tourbillon) at the time the advice was given 11/03/14 advised my husband to transfer his pension into a QROPs (high risk unbeknown to us)
    However I have recently found out from Tourbillon that they have no record of the financial advice my husband was given even though we have proof of advice on their letterheaded paper and the advisor was in their employ at the time.
    It would seem he bypassed them and persuaded my husband and I to transfer my husbands pension into the Trafalgar MAF which he himself managed, all with the aid of trustees London and Colonial now part of STM Fidecs until it was placed into administration and last few years the administrators have been trying to recover the pensions money which is unlikely to be 100% of peoples pensions that were ‘invested’.


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