1. Stephen
    October 10, 2018 @ 6:33 pm

    Yeah, I have to say this is a great blog! Well researched and factually accurate. I like it! But ….

    This statement: “… agreed to bans of nine and seven years, respectively, for failing to act in the best interests of members… ” is the key failing in all scams.

    All these “advisers” whoever they are, including David Vilka, Square Mile International Financial, now Michalska Holdings s.r.o – changing names does not hide the fact you scammed ME and dozens of others – do NOT act in the “best interest of their clients” but purely for their own enrichment, as testified by Ferguson’s email of August 2015 which unequivocally shows they were advising investment in the introducer’s funds, regardless of the client’s best interest! This, by the way is a clear breach of the “duty of care” they owe their clients by virtue of the “Hedley Byrne rule”. [And yes, Vilka, you want to go head-to-head in a court of law? – then bring it on sunshine! You know I have a shed load of incriminating written evidence of fraudulent misrepresentation, from you, that would crush you in court! So you try and bring another stupid pathetic litigation threat against Angie, you had better have the balls to go through with it cos I am right behind her!]

    These people that “… agreed to bans of nine and seven years, respectively, for failing to act in the best interests of members… ” is in my opinion a cop out! They are without doubt guilty of “tort by deceit” and should have been made to pay compensation to the victims of the scams they were complicit in. The “bans” are “punishments that do not fit the crime” by any means!!

    These people have been let off far too lightly. These “bans” and “disqualifications” are completely insufficient. The scammers have yet again “got off lightly” and once again the victims have not seen any justice whatsoever!

    It is disgusting!!!

    Me, I would strip them of all their assets, distribute it as compensation to victims, and lock the bar stewards up and throw away the key! They are a scourge on society.


  2. Denise M
    October 14, 2018 @ 2:20 am

    Totally agree, can’t wait to see what happens to that SOB Hadley, I hope when he ends up in jail he meets a nice big bloke called Mavis who’ll take a shine to him lol


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