Pension Life Blog - Trolley's Pension Scam Guide

Trolley’s Pension Scam Guide

Pension Life Blog - Trolley's Pension Scam GuidePension scammers have a “code”.  Rather like pirates, they are not to be trusted. They pick their words carefully, revealing little; they are sneaky and lack any morals. They are good at disguises and if they fear they may be rumbled, they will disappear over the horizon, never to be seen again. They certainly won’t hang around to help pick up the pieces after their victims have been ruined.  Rest assured, they will take as much as they can get and show no remorse. Living the Life of Riley on your hard-earned money is their reward.

“Yo ho, yo, ho! A scammer’s life for me”.


Those of you who follow Pension Life, will know that we want to put a stop to pension scammers and are trying our hardest to get as much information as possible out to the public about how to avoid being scammed. We want to educate the masses and stop pension scammers worldwide.

Those of you who are new readers, may not be aware of how common pension and investment scams are, or how easily you could fall victim to a pension scam. But never fear, we have constructed a series of blogs, videos and cartoons for you to read and watch, so you can swot up on the dos and don’ts when it comes to safeguarding your precious pension fund.

This video has been constructed to show you the pension scammers’ code of conduct. By familiarising yourself with their techniques, you will be better prepared to spot the scammers and avoid falling victim to their schemes.

Please look through our archives and read about past scamsserial scammers and failures of the regulators and police to bring them to justice for their crimes.  Make sure you know all there is to know about the evil and seemingly unstoppable world of pension scammers.

Above all, read the Trolley’s guide, and see how scammers learn their highly-profitable and destructive trade.  Scammers learn from the best – including the author of this guide.  And then they bring their own individual touch to the art of scamming. 

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    1. The plot is rubbish, and there aren’t any pictures. Waste of money if you ask me! Except, it is quite amusing seeing one of the World’s leading scammers being the author of the leading authority on pensions taxation.

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