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  1. Stephen
    February 19, 2019 @ 7:23 am

    It’s a great result but it is unlikely that victims, having lost everything and facing financial ruin, will be comforted. They still face a hard retirement whilst the perpetrators, like Ward, keep their ill gotten gains and will continue to enjoy lavish lifestyles. They will find a work around – they always do – and peddle their useless bonds elsewhere – Malta, Guernsey, Gibraltar… – there’s no shortage of Mickey Mouse jurisdictions willing to welcome pension scams with open arms! They even provide a plethora of QROPS to facilitate the scams and Malta even offer a “platform” for setting up shrink wrapped funds to swallow the pensions whole, as used by TMAF and The Symphony Fund – https://pension-life.com/blacklist-the-pension-scam-no-69/ – nothing could be more helpful for the scammers!

    Your other article from April ’18 – https://pension-life.com/omi-and-iom-defeated-by-spanish-court/ – reported: “A judge in the IoM ruled that jurisdiction should indeed be IoM … This judge also threatened the claimants and Antonio Flores with prison if they tried to bring the case in any other jurisdiction other than IoM.”

    So I wonder if the “ballsy” IoM judge was all hot air and no substance or will he really have a go at Flores and claimants for going ahead and taking the case to Spain …. in my opinion it was all just a useless bluff by the judge?


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