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  1. Stephen
    November 25, 2018 @ 10:25 am

    A great blog. However, I am beginning to think the blogs are not having any effect on what matters – stopping the perverse practice of ripping off vulnerable people. Although I can’t be certain of this since I have been kept well in the dark for weeks, if not months and I am well out of date.

    I was a victim of a scam in 2015 orchestrated by Square Mile – https://pension-life.com/not-so-square-mile-and-far-from-lilly-white/ – facilitated by a Maltese QROP, Integrated Capabilities, Malta, now called Azure Pensions – https://pension-life.com/azure-pensions-a-reputation-built-on-lack-of-trust/ – in partnership with Optimus Pensions Administration Ltd after whom the scheme was named and Investors Trust – named above and run by Bob Pain – plus two unregulated funds, one owned by Nunn & McCreesh – Blackmore Global, part of the Blackmore Group – and the other by Ferguson – The Symphony Fund! (more detail here: https://write.as/posts-index/index)

    That was almost 4 years ago now and still these people are free to do as they please. Nunn & McCreesh are peddling their unregulated Blackmore Bond – https://bondreview.co.uk/2017/12/19/blackmore/ in partnership with Surge Financial owned by Paul Careless – https://pension-life.com/blackmore-bond-shaken-not-stirred-careless-or-stupid/

    I complained to the FCA – nothing has come of that. I complained to Action Fraud – and they weren’t interested either.

    I complained to the Maltese regulator at the beginning of 2017 and shortly after, The Symphony Fund was shut down and Ferguson tried to buy my silence with a pathetic £6000!

    The BBC did a news story on the scam – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42776709 – and nothing came of that. Angie has done numerous blogs and to my knowledge, nothing has come of these other than a couple of insipid litigation threats from useless two-bit lawyers.

    Recently I heard on the grapevine a journalist from London Evening Standard was interested in talking to me about Blackmore; I contacted him, he said he would get back to me – never did!

    Journalists are a complete waste of space! Investigative jounalism is dead. It’s all about quick headlines and shallow stories. Nothing ever comes from it.

    Scammers are not afraid of the authorities because the authorities are impotent and it seems scammers no longer give much credence to BBC News, Newspapers or Angie’s blogs.

    Victims are real people, hoodwinked by expert conmen for their own enrichment. Thousands of victims suffer; are abandoned by the authorities and never see justice and for all the publicity they get on here, or BBC News, or Henry Tapper’s Pension PlayPen – https://henrytapper.com/2018/03/12/a-master-class-in-fractional-scamming/ – nothing positive or constructive ever materialises.


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